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Imlie 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Update

Atharva asks Chini to marry him while she looks at Imlie in a mirror. Kairi goes back to Atharva and asks him if he won. He gives a yes. When Kiara gets back to her room after the party, she is angry that Imlie is back to work now that Atharva and Chini are back, while she has been crying in a spot for five years. Akash tells her to calm down because Imlie will be sad again when she finds out that Arto has really moved on and she is back on her own.

Keya says that his father hates him because he thinks strange things and that Atharva still only loves Imlie. Chini calls Anu and tells her that Atharva asked her to be his girlfriend in front of everyone. Anu says that Atharva still loves Imlie and that he just told Chini “I love you” to scare Imlie away. She says that Atharva should get married before he falls back in love with Imlie. Chini says she knows Atharva loves Imlie, but she won’t ask him to marry her until he finishes his story with Imlie and asks her to be his wife.

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Imlie thinks that Atharva was really going to ask her out instead of Chini. Devika walks up to Imlie and yells at her for still getting in the way of Atharva and Chini’s relationship. She asks Imlie why she doesn’t just leave them alone and let them raise their daughter in peace. Imlie says she wants the same thing, but she doesn’t think Atharva loves Chini. Rudra tells Imlie to get on with her life and forget about Atharva.

Imlie says she will if she is sure Atharva loves Chini for real, and she will ask Atharva about this. Atharva plays guitar and thinks about the sweet times he and Imlie had in the past. Imlie goes up to him and tells him that he is lying to himself and to her. He says that she is wrong. She hurts herself when she tries to touch his guitar. Atharva runs to her in a panic. Imlie asks him why he cares about her still. He says he doesn’t know her and doesn’t want her around him.

Imlie promises and then asks her why she doesn’t say that her presence doesn’t matter to him. He takes his hand away and says, “No.” She asks him why he hasn’t married Chini yet and why she thought it was the first time he proposed to Chini. Atharva says it has nothing to do with her and that the only connection between them is Kairi,

Atharva says that he plans to marry Chini. Imlie says that he just said a lot of things that weren’t true.
Chini overhears their conversation and thinks Arto never talked to her about marriage or said “I love you.” This means Arto’s “I love you” was a lie, and Anu was right. Arto lied to protect their family, and she has to stand by him. Arto and her relationship may be a lie, but the bond between her, Kairi, and Arto is not.

Atharva thinks back to when Imlie confronted him. Kairi walks up to her and, after a short talk, tells her that her best friend Chini told her that her mother lives in Rana’s house. Kairi loves princess mama and thinks of her as her mother, so why can’t she really be her mother? Atharva says that it can’t be done. Kairi runs away.

Chini comes in and stops Atharva, telling him that he should accept that Imlie is Kairi’s mother and that, since Kairi is close to Imlie, he should give in to Kairi’s request or they will lose her. She says Kairi won’t talk about Imlie anymore once she has her own family.


Atharva tells his family that he and Chini are getting married and asks Imlie to eat some sweets if she is happy with the choice. Imlie says that prasad and happiness should be shared, and she will definitely take her part. She gives him half of the prasad and eats the other half. Keya says she ate what belonged to Chini. Imlie says that she doesn’t take anyone’s right away and doesn’t give it to her either.

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