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Imlie 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 12th June 2023, Written Update on

Imlie Written Update

Start of Devika and Rudra’s wedding anniversary party, which will have a retro theme. The women guests are shocked to see Arto still alive, and they talk about how they went to his fake funeral. Devika and Rudra are glad they came. They say that they can’t believe Atharva is still living.

Keya says that Atharva was happy in Goa for five years and didn’t want to go back to his family. Atharva is a joke to them. Atharva says he didn’t want to go back to his family because they don’t care about him. Imlie walks down the street while wearing a pretty dress. Arto walks over to her and puts his hand out to her. People talk about how good Arto and Imlie look together. Arto wakes up, moves his hand away, and walks away.

Ginni runs a game to see how well two people get along. She says that all the pairs will be blindfolded, and if they can find their partner, they will win the game. Rudra says to let the kids play, but he agrees with them when they say they want to play. Manish is asked by Divya if he can find her. Manish says he can tell who she is by the way she smells. Atharva and Chini are asked to participate, and Devika provides them with blindfolds. Imlie wants to go away.

Rudra gives her a blindfold and asks what would happen if she met her partner today. Shivani gives Dhairya a blindfold. The game begins. Manish doesn’t catch Divya, but he does catch someone else, so he loses a game. The next people to lose are Keya and Akash. Chini sees that Atharva and Imlie are about to collide, so he cheats and walks between them. Devika says that Ginni was right when she said that real love knows its partner. Imlie gets bumped by Dhairya. Please applaud for them. Shivani says that it’s time to cut the cake.

Devika thanks Atharva for throwing her the best anniversary party she has had in a long time. Kairi calls Rudra and Devika her grandparents and tells them it’s almost time to cut the cake. People ask her why she calls them grandparents and who her dad is.

Atharva is shown by Kairi. People say that in 5 years, Atharva even led a double life. Kairi says that if they don’t cut the cake, she will. The guest asks her if she cuts the cake for her parents’ anniversary. She says no, because her paa is single. Then the guest asks who Chini is. Kairi says her best friend. Chini takes care of the case and says that she is not a strict mother but rather Kairi’s best friend. Atharva also says “same” in a worried way. Ginny says that they’re good parents.

Ginni asks couples to pick a prop and take a picture with it after they cut the cake. Athharva chooses the prop “I love you” and then keeps it. Imlie asks him why he didn’t just tell Chini I love you in front of everyone. A guest said that they liked Atharva and Imlie together. Imlie says she got a divorce from Atharva when he left her 5 years ago, and now he loves Chini. She tells Atharva that he has to tell Chini, “I love you.” Atharva thinks about it.

The guests talk about how Rudra’s son married Imlie even though he loves Chini more. Atharva tells Chini, “I love you.” Then he looks at Imlie in a mirror and tells her that he kept it inside for 5 years because he couldn’t tell her that he loved only her. He then tells Imlie again, “I love you.” Chini is happy when he thinks he is going to propose to her.


Imlie asks Atharva why he didn’t tell everyone that he loved Chini. He says that’s true. If Imlie says he didn’t, it means he doesn’t love her, and Chini is not Kairi’s mother. She promises and then asks who Kairi’s mother is.

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