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Imlie 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 12th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Imlie tells Atharva that she still remembers him in her heart, but that she also remembers the time she spent with Chini and with her family. She says that you can’t just think what’s in your heart because you’re also responsible for your daughter.

Atharva is about to say that Kairi is their daughter, but he stops himself, thinking that Kairi is our is enough truth for today. He thinks that if I tell you the truth, you won’t be able to handle the fact that I’ve kept a big secret from you. He wants to be honest with her, but not today.

He thinks that she won’t forgive him if she finds out the truth. Imlie wants to know what you said about Kairi. He says Kairi loves you a lot. Imlie says even I love her. Atharva wants to be friends with us.

Imlie says that you had a close relationship with Chini and that if you wanted to get in touch with me again, you would have to break up with Kairi’s mother, which means you would have to look for Chini.

Chini has gone into the garage to hide. Atharva is calling her. Chini tells him not to talk and just listen to her. She says that they would have caught me if I hadn’t run away. She says that they wanted to put Kairi, you, and me in different places, which is why I have to run.

She says she’s sorry and that she doesn’t want to leave him and Kairi. She tells me she loves me. He says, “I love you, too,” and adds, “I’ll always be with you, now and forever. You don’t have to explain.”

Chini says, “Right now, I’m very upset, so don’t do that joke.” Atharva says, “I’m not kidding. Being away from you has made me realise how much I love you.” He tells her that he has tickets to Coimbatore and that they don’t have much time to get there.

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He says he’ll pick her up and asks where she is. He says that this is where we will leave. Chini tells him that she is 20 km away from the city in the garage. He tells her to wait and that he is on his way.

Everyone in the family goes there. Anu tells Chini, “You’re just like your mother, Malini. She messed up her life for love, and so have you.” Imlie tells Atharva that he was right; Chini has turned off his Mumbai phone but kept his Goa phone on.

Atharva tells her that it’s time to fix everything because he’s been doing things wrong for five years and asks her to come with him. The Inspector tells Anu that she has to come with them to help with the probe.

Atharva makes his way to the Garage. Chini wants to say hello. She walks up to him and tells him, “You’ve come.” He says, “Of course, I had to come get you,” and asks her to come with him. He tells her that tickets are already bought.

Chini shows a no sign and says, “You should have picked me up by yourself.” There, Atharva and Chini see Imlie coming. Imlie looks at her.

Chini accuses Atharva of being a cheat and says, “I gave you five years of my life because I loved you so much, but you brought her here.” Imlie says that what you did is called fraud because you didn’t love us but broke up our house.

She says that we can’t stand even a scratch on someone we love, but you fixed Atharva’s accident. There, everyone goes. Chini says Imlie is lying. Atharva says that he has watched the tape that Dhairya took. Chini says, “After that, I changed. I was nice to Kairi and you, and I loved both of you.” She tells him to remember that Imlie was the reason he left home.

She tells him that she took care of him for a long time before he got hurt. She says no one was there except for you and me. Imlie says that you told everyone that Atharva is dead. Chini says I caused your accident, but she loves you and Kairi so much.

Atharva tells her to shut up and says that we were family in Goa and that family can’t be used or abused. He also tells her that she wanted my love and that love is a gift and she should be happy with whatever she gets, but she killed Dhairya. He tells Inspector to put her in jail.

Chini gets mad, runs to get the firestick, and tells the other people to move back. She tells Atharva that love for her is a war, and that war has rules, like fighting until the last breath and not giving up. She starts a fire around herself and asks Atharva if he thinks she will burn alone in this fire.

She lets the flammable oil drop onto the circle she had already drawn. Imlie and Atharva are also set on fire. Atharva worries about Imlie a lot. Imlie yells to Atharva ji to be careful and tells him to watch out. Everyone in the family is scared.

Atharva asks her if she’s lost her mind. Chini tells them to be quiet and says that old Chini will come back. He also says that the audience is making all the mistakes because he has become a good Chini, but no one likes it, so they should watch the same old story.

She tells Atharva that he shouldn’t have told her “I love you too” and that she didn’t understand what he meant. She says, “I’ve done a lot of bad things to your family, and you wanted me to take the blame. I’m ready, but I’m different, and you’re all going to burn.” Chini throws the stick of fire towards his family. They go backward. The rest of her family thinks she’s gone crazy.

Imlie takes a seat. She tells Chini that he has heard my mother and I tell the story of Sita Maiyya, but he has forgotten that trust and love don’t burn in fire; instead, they give agnipariksha and make you brave. She stands up and says, “My mother used to hold fire in her hand, and nothing bad ever happened to her.” She asks Atharva to give her a belt and says that she wants to show that her love is real by being so crazy that the bad person will think of their Nani. She tells Atharva that she wants the belt. The belt is given by Atharva.

Imlie uses the belt to make the water drum fall, which sets fire to everything around it. Chini looks very surprised. Imlie breaks the water pots, so it rains everywhere. Atharva runs to Imlie and tells her that she did it.

He asks if everything is okay. She agrees. He tells her, “Even after all we’ve been through, you’ve put your life at risk for me,” and asks her to stay with him. He asks her not to get back at him because he has already left her. Chini tries to leave quickly, but Inspector gets in her way.

Chini takes his gun from him. Inspector tells her to put down the gun. Imlie says she is going to shoot. Imlie sees a gun in another police room and takes it. The gun is pointed at Chini. Inspector says that both of you will be punished for breaking the law.

Precap: Imlie and Atharva face each other for a new start, with the help of their families. Atharva makes a proposal. Imlie hears that Kairi is her kid, not Chini’s. She thinks that someone is being funny. Atharva says this is true; she is our daughter. Imlie hits Atharva.

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