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Imlie 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 11th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Ginni tells her family that Chini stole her brother Atharva from them for five years and took Dhairya away forever. Atharva says it’s not Chini’s fault; it was his mistake to trust Chini so completely.

He says that Chini told him that she found Dhairya’s accident at his accident site and that his family had switched him with Dhairya. He believed Chini and stayed away from his family for 5 years because he thought she was telling the truth. Do Not.

He says he’s sorry and asks Imlie to forgive him. He says that he would have always misunderstood Imlie if Chini hadn’t wiped the video from Dhairya’s phone. Even so, it didn’t happen right away. Inspector asks if they know where Chini may have gone.

Anu tries to sneak away. Shivani stops her and tells her that she is Chini’s grandmother, that she was with Chini when she ran away, and that she was the one who spoiled Chini. Anu yells that she is not anyone’s grandmother and has no idea where Chini is. She thinks that if she keeps the cops busy, Chini will be able to go far away.

Chini hides in a garage and thinks the cops can’t get to him there. She remembers that Atharva said he would find her a good lawyer, so she is sure that he will save her. Anu’s family tells her to stop acting out and tell them where Chini is. Inspector tells subordinates to look out for Chini at all bus stops, railway stations, and airports.

Imlie sits in a corner and cries as she remembers how suspicious Atharva was of her. Atharva walks up to her crying. Imlie says that his tears are true today because she has heard so much truth today that she can’t handle any more.

She talks about how much she suffered because people hated her for 5 years. Atharva tells her what he did wrong and then tells her how much he loves her. Then he cries while sitting on her lap. In the background, the Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song is playing.

Atharva gives Imlie’s ring back after a while. Imlie says that for 5 years, this locket was his way of remembering her. Atharva requests her to take him back. Imlie says that he had already accepted Chini, and Kairi is proof of that. He is responsible for Kairi, so he should focus on her. Atharva tries to tell Kairi that she is her daughter, but she stops herself.

Precap: Ranas accept Imlie. Atharva tells Imlie that he wants to really watch their relationship. Imlie finds out that Kairi, not Chini, is her daughter. Atharva says that it’s right. Imlie slaps him. Voicover wants to know if Imlie and Atharva’s paths will cross again or go in different directions.

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