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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Surekha asks Ishan if Isha met him. Ishan says yes. She came with her kids and accidentally ran into her. Rao Saheb says he knew Ishan wouldn’t talk to her because he was there. Ishan says she asked him how he was doing, but he refused to say who she was.

Surekha says he did the right thing, which is why she didn’t want to send him there, but she let him go because it was an important meeting for him. Shantanu asks if Isha has asked about him. Rao Saheb asks if she should talk about him.

Ishan says he didn’t identify her at all, or else she would have asked about Shantanu and his family. Rao Saheb says that when he heard Isha’s name, he lost his hunger. Surekha says that she heard Isha’s parents also died and that she should now take comfort in other people’s children because she ruined her own family.

Nishikanth says that Shantanu should make peace with Isha and bring her back home. Ishan says that if Shantanu wants to bring Isha home, he should tell him ahead of time so that he can move somewhere else. He won’t let that woman back into his life.

Rao Saheb says that woman won’t be allowed in his house. Surekha says Shantanu will not do anything like that. Shantanu says that Isha will cry, but she won’t give up her self-respect. She got upset today when she saw her son, or else she won’t talk to any of us again.

Ishan lays down. Isha writes a letter to Ishan, telling her how much he loves her son and hoping that one day their differences will be clear and they can be together again.

Bhavani cries when she sees a picture of Virat and says she’s sorry for beating Savi today. She says Sai never cared about family and always wanted to be alone, but she will make sure Savi has a family and would do anything for Savi’s better future. Savi believes that Bhavani will never get her. She remembers that Savi fixed a broken house model, and she fixes her broken prize.

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She thinks she will never give up and will definitely study more. Ashwini asks Savi to get Ninad food. Harini sees that all the snacks from the kitchen are gone. Ninad’s newspapers have gone missing. Bhavani looks for her glasses and tells her family that she is going to visit the boy’s family to apologize for what happened yesterday and ask them to let Savi see them again.

Shantanu is out in the yard when he sees Ishan leave the house. He stops Ishan and asks him if he is going hiking. Ishan says rudely, “Why do you ask if you already know?” and goes away. Shantanu feels sad. He sees Riva behind him and feels even worse. Ishan runs and takes a hard route while on the trip. His college student tells him not to go that way because it’s dangerous.

Ishan doesn’t care and keeps running. Riva goes to him and tries to make him feel better. When Bhavani opens the door to Savi’s room, she sees all the things that are missing. She wonders how Savi got out of the room when the door was locked and sees that the window rod is bent. Savi asks her if she is looking for her glasses.

Bhavani says she is stubborn like her mother, but not like her father, who used to always listen to her. Savi gives her glasses and walking stick back and tries to make her feel better. Bhavani walks away after telling the boy’s family that she will meet them tomorrow and ask them to her house.

In summary, Bhavani presents Savi to the family of the boy. The boy’s mom tells her to walk, smile, and sing. Savi says she knows how to dance, and she does so to the song “Chikni Chameli.” Everyone is surprised when they see her dance.

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