GHKKPM Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Bhavani’s family is asked where Savi is. Harini says she went to a beauty salon because Bhavani told her to look nice for the boy’s family. Bhavani asks her, “Are you sure?” Ashwini says that Savi told her that riding her scooter makes her dirty, so she went to the beauty salon.

Bhavani says that Savi is getting smarter like her and asks her to tell Savi to make poha for the boy’s family because it is a tradition that the girl makes poha for the boy’s family on the first time they meet. Shantabai calls her and tells her to make sure Savi is home this time.

Bhavani tells her that Savi will be at home when the family of the boy comes to visit. Savi asks a friend what time it is and freaks out when she hears that it’s already 4:45 p.m. Isha is happy for Savi because she got a scholarship to go to Bhosale college to study for the IAS.

Savi says that her dream will come true only if she gets home on time, because her badi aaji/Bhavani has called the family of a boy to her house today for her marriage. Isha says that she needs to finish school first before she can get married.Asmita says that Shantanu met Shika when she was teaching at a college and fell in love with her. He married her.

Isha stopped working after she got married. When Isha’s brother died, she had to take care of her parents, so she went back to work. Surekha didn’t like that, so she tried to get Shantanu to divorce Isha. But Shantanu hasn’t divorced Isha yet because he still loves her so much.

When Surekha comes in, she yells at Asmita. Savi tells Isha that her badi aaji wants the best for her but doesn’t think she can choose what is best for her. Isha doesn’t think she knows what’s best for her better than her aaji; she’s a smart girl and shouldn’t marry just because it’s expected of her like other girls; marriage isn’t a bad thing if she finds a good life partner; she should focus on her goal of becoming an IAS officer.

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Ishan gets angry when he thinks about how he talked to his mother Ishani. He loses control of his car when he sees a speeding truck coming in the opposite way. He crashes into a tree and passes out. The bus Savi is on breaks down.

Driver says fuel tank is leaking due to a stone hit and he needs 2-2.5 hours to bring diesel. Savi gets scared when she thinks about what Bhavani said, so she tells the driver to hurry up.

Harini calls and asks her when she’ll be there. Savi tells her that her bus broke down and that the driver will need two to two and a half hours to fix it. Shantabai takes the family of Boy to see Bhavani. Bhavani is happy to see them. They agree that they probably won’t see the girl today. Bhavani asks Harini to call Savi.

Surekha tells Asmita not to use Isha’s name and says bad things about Isha. She says she got Shantanu married to Isha because she thought Isha would stay like her younger sister and they would make this house a heaven. But she says Isha knows only how to break houses. Isha didn’t even care about her son; she raised Ishan like her own son and comforted him when he cried for his mother. She wants to know where Ishan is.

Riva asks Durva and Avni if their dada, or older brother, has a lover. People make fun of her by saying that he had a lot of lovers and is now married. Riva asks him if he is married for real. People say she has already met Shikha, who is Chinmay’s wife.

Riva calms down and asks if they are talking about Chinmay. She was actually asking about Ishan. People say that Ishan works all the time and doesn’t have a lover.

Savi gets worried about getting home on time. She gets out of the car and tells the driver to drive her home quickly before badi aaji kills her.

Bhavani talks to the boy’s family and keeps them busy. The family of the boy wants her to call the girl. Bhavani asks Harini to call Savi. Harini pulls her away and tells her that Savi went to Pune to compete in a debate tournament.

In summary, Bhavani meets Savi’s family on behalf of the boy. His mom tells her to walk, smile, and sing. Savi says she can dance, and she does so to the song “Chikni Chameli.” Everyone is surprised when they see her dancing.

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