GHKKPM Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Bhavani comes home from the market and tells Harini that he bought juice for the boy’s family because he thought they would like it. She asks Ashwini if the treats are ready. Ashwini says that Savi made the food herself. Bhavani says Shantabai told her to make sure Savi acts well in front of the boy’s family, so she will go talk to Savi.

Ashwini says she will talk to Savi because Savi will fight with Bhavani and get angry, so Bhavani can rest until the boy’s family comes. Bhavani says that she won’t be able to sleep until Savi gets married, and she goes to her room. Harini tells Ashwini that Savi is not at home because he went to Pune to compete in an argument tournament. Ashwini starts to worry.

Savi is in the theatre waiting for the results of the competition. She thinks that Ishan Bhosale will never let her win. Isha looks at Ishan with a sad face. Savi asks her why she’s looking at Ishan so much. Isha says that she’s watching the show. Ishan also seems upset.

The host says that Savi won the debate challenge. Savi jumps for joy and gives Isha a hug. Ishan is there. Isha is asked by the host to come up on stage and get a prize. Savi walks out on stage, and Ishan gives him a prize and a certificate.

The host says she talked a lot today and should talk a little more now that she won. Savi is grateful to Isha for her support and guidance and to her parents for being an example for her to follow. The host then asks Ishan to say something.

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Ishan talks about what it means to be a man and a woman, how both parents are important for a child, how a child loves both parents but shows more love to one parent, a woman’s responsibility to society and her children, and how a woman won’t be a woman if she runs away from her responsibilities and is called an escapist or deserter.

Ishan leaves the stage crying. Savi shows Isha her prize. Isha doesn’t care about her and runs after Ishan. She stops Ishan and asks her in a sad voice how she is. Ishan calls her mother and asks her, “Who are you?” Isha says that she gave birth to him. He says he doesn’t have a mother and asks her if she wants to see if he is still living and well after she left him as a child. Isha tells him he shouldn’t say that.

Ishan tells her not to bother him when he’s not bothering her, and then he goes. Isha runs after him again but trips and falls. Savi picks him up and asks her if she’s okay. Isha again doesn’t care about her and runs after Ishan. Ishan drives away and avoids an accident because he is lost in his thinking. He loses it.

At Bhosale House, Shikha feels sad when she thinks about how Rao Saheb deleted her social media account against her will. Asmita brings Shikha food. Shikha says that no one in this house cares about her except Asmita.

Asmita tells her to forget about her social media account and move on if she is thinking about it. Shikha says that was the only way she could see into her past. She is sick of Surekha putting her down every day and bragging that she got her son married to a girl from a poor family.

Asmita says that the poor family girls have to put up with all the nonsense and don’t have a voice of their own. She worries about her daughters’ future because they are spoiled living in the Bhosale house and even put down their own mother. She talks about Ishan’s mother, Dr. Isha, a progressive who taught Ishan good things but left him alone when he was young.

Ashwini tells Harini that Savi shouldn’t have left without telling them. Harini says that Savi went to do what she wanted to do. Ashwini says that Bhavani always has the family’s best interests in mind. Harini says Bhavani got her married because she thought it would be good for her, but it ruined her life. Ninad calls Savi.

Ashwini tells him not to call Savi because she isn’t home, and she asks Savi not to tell Bhavani. Bhavani walks over and calls Savi’s name. Savi has a good time with his friends on the way home, and he asks Isha to join them. Isha has doubts.

Savi asks Ishan why he was being rude to her and if she knows him. Isha says she doesn’t know him and that there was a mix-up. Savi asks what he didn’t get. Isha tells her to forget about it and celebrate her win. Savi thinks she should find out what they have in common.

Isha tells Savi that she won a trophy today and that her dream of getting a scholarship at Bhosale college has come true. Savi says it will only come true if she gets home on time. If not, Bhavani will marry her off. Ishan has a bad thing happen to him.

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