GHKKPM Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode 26th June 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Virat texts commissioner from Sai’s mobile. When the Commissioner reads it, he tells Kadam to tell a shooter to stand near the plane’s door. Virat is seen by a terrorist, who points a gun at him. Virat beats up the terrorist and then goes after Bheema and the other terrorists. Geetanjali tries to tackle Virat. Geetanjali fights back by asking Sai if she will kill her daughter and family.

Geetanjali tries to pick a gun. Savi kicks gun away. Sai picks gun and points at Geetanjali. The police get on the plane and ask each person to get off one at a time. Omkar’s family is the first to leave, leaving Bhavani and others behind. Sai tells Geetanjali that love means giving up yourself, not other people. Geetanjali and her team are taken away by the police after they are caught. Ashwini tells Sai that she and Virat should get back together because destiny wants them to. Sai sends Ashwini away and tells her that she and Virat will be back later.

Savi is asked to go with Bhavani. Savi says that she and her aayi will come. Bhavani leaves. Sai asks Savi to come along. Savi says she will stay with her aayi and guard her. Sai says that everyone saw how brave she was, so it’s time for her to leave. She doesn’t want to come, so Savi asks her why. Sai says that she needs to help other people and asks Satya to bring Savi with her. Satya says he’ll let her go if she agrees to go back to Virat when she’s done with her.

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He doesn’t want her to give up her love for her responsibilities like his aayi did; they both have kids and should be a family again. Sai promises him. Satya asks Savi to take him outside and let Sai follow them from behind. Savi walks behind Satya. Virat comes up behind Sai and gives her a hug. Sai says she loves both of them very much. Sai tells Savi to look after Vinu until she comes back. Savi pinky makes a promise, and Satya goes with her.

Virat asks Kadam how many people have died and tells him to move the dead bodies to the mortuary. When the Chavans get back to base camp, they are happy to see Vinu. Satya asks Vinu, “Are you okay?” He gives a nod. Savi gives Vinu a big hug. Vinu asks Virat and Satya where they are. Virat tries to find Sai.

Terrorist tells him that his girlfriend is waiting for him and he should go see her. Virat wants to know what he did to Sai. Terrorist loses consciousness. Virat sees that Sai is asleep and has a bomb jacket on top of her. He tries and fails to wake her up. He finds a phone and tells Kadam that there is a live bomb in the plane and to send the bomb squad in.

Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Lechal Kahin… In the background, a song is playing. Sai has a dream that Ashwini comes back to the plane and gives her a bunch of flowers.

Sai asks her why she came back. Ashwini tells her that she should be happy that she and Virat are back together, because Virat told her about it. Ashwini and her family come in next. She tells them that Virat can’t live without Sai, so she has to get married to him. Ashwini says that we should plan the wedding for Virat and Sai. They are also joined by Satya, Savi, and Vinu.

Recap: Virat fails to stop the bomb on Sai’s body from going off. He has her hand in his. She says, “I love you, and we will always be together.”

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