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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

GHKKPM Written Update

Sai threatens the terrorists with weapons. Bheema inquires as to her pistol handling skills. They are instructed to put down their weapons or risk being shot by Sai, who identifies herself as a policeman’s daughter. Virat engages terrorists in combat.

Sai is warned by Geetanjali to put down the rifle or she will shoot her daughter as she picks up the gun and secretly points it at Savi. Sai removes her weapons and begs for her daughter’s safety. She is recognized by Virat as Ramakanth’s wife.

Geetanjali concurs. According to Bheema, she is also their leader and the brains behind this plane hijacking. Virat yells that he won’t spare her. Geetanjali receives verbal abuse from other passengers for enthralling a young person. Geetanjali tells them all to keep their mouths shut and declares that she will kill or sacrifice anyone for her husband.

Savi runs after biting Geetanjali’s hand. Geetanjali fires at the woman. Savi’s family cries out in alarm. Sai observes Savi is still alive but that another female passenger is dead.The commissioner’s team finds a female passenger deceased. Officer asks him to fire since his sniper is at the targets. He is instructed by Commissioner to wait for Virat’s signal. Virat is dragged by terrorists to another cabin. Virat clashes with them, and as a result, his covert camera drops. His team’s signal is lost.

Virat is overpowered and restrained by terrorists. Virat never stops criticizing terrorists for his anguish. Savi confides in Sai that she is terrified of evil uncles. Sai narrates a tale of a courageous girl who protects her family and others, claiming that Savi is the woman who rescued Vinu and other people’s lives. Savi exudes assurance.

Panic attack strikes the pilot. Terrorists strive to make him seem regular. The pilot is acting, says Bheema as he aims a revolver at him. Geetanjali stops him and informs him that when Ramakanth is released, a pilot will be needed to fly the jet away. Sai is asked to attend to the pilot.

Sai initially rejects but eventually consents. She examines him, claims that the terrorists are to blame for his panic attack, and requests that they move him to the business class section so that she may cure him. Terrorists switch to business class from pilot. Sai treats the pilot by himself and asks them to leave. She makes a silent attempt to free Virat. Virat claims he has something to share with her.

Precap: Virat advises Sai to leave the airport with their family and other passengers since he doesn’t believe they would be reunited because the terrorists won’t let him leave the airport alive. Because terrorists are armed with bombs and guns, Sai claims she cannot risk his life.

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