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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

GHKKPM Written Update

A pilot tries to take the terrorist’s gun from him. Bheema shoots him, killing him, and then shows his helper how to shoot someone while they are in the air. Virat tells Kadam to keep the police chief informed and asks the ATF team to find out where the flight is. Bheema calls the ATF team and tells them to tell the cops what he wants to say. Virat says he is Nagpur’s ACP speaking. Bheema wants Ramakanth to be set free and wants 50 crore rs.

Virat agrees to what he wants and tells him to land the plane at the airport in Nanded. Bheema tells Virat that he needs to get the money and Ramakanth as soon as possible, or he will start killing people. Virat agrees and tells him not to hurt anyone else on the plane. The person who works for Bheema asks him why he sent Virat there.

Bheema says that Virat was arrested, and he wants to teach Virat a lesson. Sai tells Virat in a loud voice that there are 5 terrorists with guns and bombs and that Bheema should spare Virat. Bheema yells at her, “Why does she care so much about Virat? He then realises that Sai gave him information in a roundabout way.

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Virat tells the commissioner what’s going on. Commissioner tells Virat not to go there and asks him to send someone else because terrorists want to punish him for catching Ramakanth. Virat says that he is not afraid about his own life, but about the lives of 150 other people.

He gets Ramakanth released from prison. Ramakanth makes fun of him by telling him that he put him in jail and is now letting him go. He goes with Virat in a police van. Passengers are still being threatened by hijackers. Bhavani has a panic attack and asks for a drink of water. He gives him a water bottle, but the hijacker takes it back. Ashwini gives Savi comfort.

Bhavani tells Ashwini that Vinayak needs to be hidden in a food cart. Ashwini says that even Savi should hide, and she tells Vinu that he and Savi should both hide quietly in a food cart. Vinu lies because he is afraid.

Ramakanth teases Virat by saying that he couldn’t keep him locked up for long and that he will watch as Virat kills each person on the plane one by one. Virat puts a handkerchief in his mouth and says that if a gutter’s mouth is open, it spreads smell. Hijackers steal the phones of everyone on the bus. Bheema calls Virat and tells him to take them to see Ramakanth.

Virat shows Ramakanth and tells him he is coming with 50 crores and won’t give Ramakanth back until all the people are freed. Bheema asks him if he thinks it’s stupid to let all the people out at the same time. Virat says that at least 10 people need to be let go first. Bheema agrees. Virat remembers that Satya told him that Sai still loves him and that she thinks he doesn’t understand what she’s going through.

Sai writes a note for Chavans telling them that terrorists shouldn’t find out that they are Virat’s family and throws it in front of Bhavani. Bhavani reads it and shows it to other people in her family. Terrorist sees something going on and asks what’s going on. Mohit eats the note and doesn’t say a word. Virat puts on a safety jacket and puts a live camera on it so that his team can see where everyone is. He hears a gunshot as he runs away.

In summary, Sai asks attackers to first free children. Bhavani tells Ashwini to get Savi and Vinu out. Terrorists see this, and one of them shoots her.

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