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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Chavans are planning a trip. Sonali keeps going on and on about why they are going on a trip on Guru Purnima, when they are fasting. Mohit’s friend who works as a travel planner told him that Ashwini told them today to get ready quickly because their flight is at 4 p.m.

She calls Virat and tells him to get home soon and get ready for the trip. Virat says he can’t come with them because the rebels are still in Nagpur and are planning something big. Savi walks in stepping on rangoli. Bhavani yells at her for spoiling rangoli. Savi apologizes. Ashwini, who is looking at Savi’s tracks on the floor, says that Bappa is telling her that Savi will soon be back home.

Ninad says that it can’t happen because Savi can’t live without her mother. Ashwini says that they can’t ignore the warning from Bappa. Sai walks in and says that she and her husband came into the house after they got married. She also says that they are going to Germany soon, which is why she wanted to meet them before they left. Ninad says that she did well. Sai says that she had always wanted to meet Vinayak. Ashwini asks her if she wants to find Virat.

Sai says that she is going to go see Vinayak. Ashwini is sure that Sai’s eyes were looking for Virat, so she calls him. When he doesn’t answer, she sends him a message.

Vinu gets angry and tells Sai that he won’t talk to her because she’s leaving him alone. Sai asks who will take care of baba if he comes with them. She tells him that she will put a world clock on his phone so that they can talk whenever they want.

Vinu says he doesn’t want to talk to her and walks away. Kadam tells Virat that Ramakanth should be moved out of Yerwada Jail before he comes up with something bad. Virat gets a message that Sai is here and that he should come home soon. He believes he can’t see Sai going away. When Sai walks by Virat’s room, he feels sad. She thinks of Virat asking her to come sit with him for a while. Sai walks in and gives him a sad look.

Sai says that she has to leave. Virat says that even though she’s leaving, he knows she’ll only think about him and her heart will stay here. Sai nods and gives him a hug. She stops thinking about things when Savi calls and tells her that Satya uncle is calling. She takes a careful look around the room and then leaves.

Pandya Store 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Virat keeps saying Ramakanth’s song, which says that a bird will break out of its cage and fly away, and he tries to figure out what it means. Kadam says to forget about it because Ramakanth’s plan has failed. Virat says that they can’t be quiet until they catch everyone in Ramakanth’s gang. Kadam says that he will go home for one to two hours while his wife goes to her maika. Virat asks him how he can do that when the city is on high watch. Kadam asks to be let go because he knows that life can be hard.

Virat gives him permission and gets antsy when he remembers that Ashwini told him that Sai had come to see him before he left for Germany. He leaves his office quickly. Ashwini gives Sai modak and puranpoli and tells her that while she eats it, she can think of her. Sonali brings a few things from the godown that were left there and asks where she should move them. Sai remembers her grihapravesh kalash. For Vinu and Virat’s sake, Ashwini tells Sonali to keep it in the temple and tells Sai to give it right back to Chavan Nivas. Sai gives her a hug and then leaves.

When Virat gets home, Sai has already left for the airport. Inspector calls him and tells him that Bheema, Ramakanth’s brother, is behind all of this. Bheema is planning to put a bomb on the plane. Virat sends Kadam a picture of Bheema and tells him that they need to catch him to find out what his plan B is.

Virat and Sai get on a plane together and decide to stay together for the rest of their lives. Their plane starts to burn.

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