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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th July 2023 on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Shantanu tells Isha’s picture that their son’s marriage is set and will happen in 4 days. Riva brings him some coffee and asks if she’s bothering him. He says not at all. She wants to know who it is. ‘s mother,’ he says. She says that she’s very pretty. She asks him why he was just standing there when everyone was happy for Ishan and her partnership.

Shantanu says that if he had been able to say what he thought, he would have shown how happy he was. He blesses her and asks her to always make Ishan happy and never break his heart, because all he has ever known is sadness. She gives him coffee and makes a promise. He takes a sip and says it is good.

Ninad sings and plays the harmonium for Savi. His family comes to be with him. Ashwini says it’s been a long time since he played the harmonium. Ninad says that after Bhavani gave him responsibility for Savi’s wedding, he started thinking about his past and wanted to play a harmonium that Sai had given him.

He says he always wanted a girl, but Ashwini always wanted a boy. When Ashwini prayed for a boy, God answered her prayers, and Virat was born. He was happy when little Savi moved in with them, and he thinks of her as his daughter, not his granddaughter.

He tells her that he wants to give her the best but can’t because he is sick and doesn’t have much money. He asks her to accept Bhavani’s choice, marry a boy chosen by Bhavani, and free him from his duty. Savi decides to get married.

When Riva goes to Ishan’s room, she finds him sleeping. She takes a picture of him and moves her hair around his face. He wakes up and is shocked to see an angel bringing him coffee. He wonders if he is in heaven at such a young age.

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They both talk about how they feel about each other. Riva then gets a letter from the London School of Business saying that she has been accepted for her PhD programme, which makes her very happy. Ishan says that she can even get her PhD here.

Riva says that it has always been the dream of her mother and sister for her to go to London School of Business. Ishan says that after she gets her PhD, she might get a good job offer. Will she take it? Riva says, “Let’s celebrate now and think about it later.” Ishan is sitting sad.

Riva tells him that if the thought of a long-distance relationship makes him sad, they can enjoy their daily lives together online and spend holidays together. After three years, she will come back to him as Mrs. Riva Ishan Bhosale. Ishan says that it cannot happen again. What does Riva ask?

Chavan makes plans for Savi’s engagement. Harini does Savi’s makeup. Savi feels sad when he thinks about getting a grant from the Bhosale Institute. Harini tells her that she should be happy because she is getting married to a boy who loves her a lot, unlike her current husband, who doesn’t even look at her. Bhavani comes in and starts screaming at Savi.

Savi wants to know what she did. Bhavani asks her if she talked to anyone at Samrudh’s house. Savi says no, and she told everyone about what happened. Bhavani says Mandar called today and cancelled their plans. They will all be here soon, she says.

Ishan remembers that his mother told him she would be back soon, but she never did. Riva asks him why he is sad. He says that his mother promised to come back soon, but she never did. He hasn’t seen her in 20 years, and he doesn’t want to be hurt again.

The family of Sumrudh goes to Bhavani’s house. Bhavani asks Mandar why he broke up with her. Mandar says that their panditji found a good time for their wedding after 3 days of matching their kundalis. Savi wants to know how that’s possible.

Mandar asks what difference it makes if the wedding is in 3 days or 1 year. Ninad asks how they’ll be able to make arrangements in three days. Bhavani agrees to make plans in 3 days. They get congratulations from Mandar’s family while Vinu stops Savi from talking.

Bhavani tells Savi to forget about school and focus on getting married because she wants a child in a year. Ashwini tells Savi she should run away. Ishan tells Riva that she is lying to her and rips up their wedding card.

Savi goes to see Ishan and tells him that her biggest goal in life is to get into his college. Ishan asks him why he should let her in and what makes her unique. Savi decides that he will change his mind.

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