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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update:

Rao Saheb Yashwanth suggests that Ishan and Riva get married. Everyone else is shocked, but Ishan and Riva are smiling. Yashwanth asks them why they look so surprised by his choice.

Swanand says that he still likes to joke around, so he should play in movies. Shikha, Durva, and Avni give Ishan and Riva their best wishes. Yashwanth asks Riva what she thinks and tells her that even if she turns down his offer, nothing will change and she will have to stay in this house until she leaves school. Riva agrees and tries to leave in a shy way.

Then, Yashwanth asks Ishan what he thinks. On the other hand, Vinu tells Savi that he doesn’t want her to become like their parents because it was wrong for them to give up their lives for others. Sai and Virat died in that plane hijacking and caused pain for their parents and children. Savi should accept that Sai and Virat are dead and not make them into gods. Ninad hears them talking and falls over.

Ishan tells Yashwanth that their relationship is decided by fate and that they shouldn’t wait to accept it. He agrees with the idea. Yashwanth has a good mood. Surekha says that they should compare their horoscopes before making a deal.

Swati says that she thinks the same way because her daughter’s life is at stake. Yashwanth says that he doesn’t believe in horoscopes. Instead, he says that he believes in hard work and making an effort. He tells his helper to bring spirits bottles so that he can celebrate the fact that his friend is now his samdhi.

Ninad goes to the doctor, who treats him and tells his family that he has Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure, so they should keep him away from stress.

Vinu says that Ninad will be well cared for. Surekha looks upset about what Yashwanth did. Yashwant reads her a song and tells her how much he loves her. Surekha asks him how he can make such a big choice without talking to her first. Yashwanth tells her not to worry about Riva because she is not like Isha.

Surekha says that she is just like Isha in that she is smart and might want to work more. Yashwanth says she can change Riva based on how she is, just like she does with everyone else. He makes her laugh and then goes away.

Swati is also unhappy with the partnership. She says that Yashwanth acts like a dictator and just told them what to do without asking them what they thought. Swanand tells her that she should look at Yashwanth’s actions and not at who he is. Swati says that the women in the Bhosale family are treated like cattle because Shikha and Asmita are always in the house.

She doesn’t want Riva’s life to be like that. Swanand says that when it comes to Riva, he doesn’t think with his head but with his heart. She shouldn’t worry, though, because Riva will be happy in this place.

Bhavani says that Ninad’s illness is because of Savi. Vinu agrees with him and gets mad at Savi. Ninad calls Savi and asks her if everything is okay. Savi says yes. Ninad says he forgot that Sai and Virat are dead and is now afraid about what will happen to Savi because of what Bhavani has to do. Bhavani says she has always been loyal to the Chavan family and wants the best for them.

She isn’t trying to ruin Savi’s life, but is worried about what will happen to her if they die and Vinu gets married. If he thinks her decision is wrong, he should find an alliance for Savi. Savi tells her not to make Ninad upset. Bhavani says that Ninad should do this job because he is the oldest man in this house.

Bhavani tells Savi to forget about school and focus on getting married because she wants a child in a year. Ashwini tells Savi she should run away. Ishan tells Riva that she is lying to her and rips up their wedding card.

Savi rips up her wedding card as well.

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