GHKKPM Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th July 2023 on Telly Updates.

GHKKPM Written Update

Savi tells her family that she only asked Samrudh’s family for one thing, which they don’t want to do. She tells them that when she went to their house today, she heard Samrudh’s father say that he wants a baby within a year of Samrudh and Savi getting married, and that Savi shouldn’t even think about going to school after that, because her mother will bother Savi when she comes to their house.

She says that they need a cow, not a DIL, to work hard for them. Vinu asks why they chose Savi out of all the other girls in Ramtek if they were going to trick her. Savi says she doesn’t know, and if she isn’t sure, she won’t get married. Bhavani yells at her to be quiet.

At the Bhosale house, Durva and Avni are worried about today’s meeting. They are afraid that Rao Saheb will yell at them for putting Ishan and Riva together. Shikha goes home again.

People think that Rao Saheb will explode on Shikha. Surekha makes fun of Shikha for going to see her parents twice in six months because her mother was sick. She tells her to focus on her in-laws and forget about her parents for good. She sends her to help Asmita in the kitchen.

Bhavani tells Savi to shut up and says that she will get married in that house. She says that they are smart for deciding that she will stop studying after she gets married, but it would have been better if she had also kept an eye on Sai and not let her study any more.

Sai tells her not to curse her because she failed. Sai worked hard even though Bhavani was against her and made a name for herself. Bhavani is jealous of Sai’s success and always curses her.

Bhavani yells that they are in this situation because of Sai. She says that Virat loved Sai very much, and she had power over his life and mind. No matter what she says, Savi says she won’t get married in that house.

Bhavani tells her that if she wants to get married, she will have to do it in that house. Ashwini tells them to stop arguing and takes Bhavani into a room to talk. Ninad has a panic attack and can’t get enough air. Harini tries to make him feel better.

Shikha walks into the kitchen and cries as she touches Asmita’s feet. Asmita tries to make her feel better by telling her she heard everything and telling her not to worry about it because she knows this will happen when she gets home. Shikha smiles and asks why the food today is different.

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Asmita says she heard Anvi and Durva talking about Ishan and Riva’s relationship. She thinks Rao Saheb might want to talk about it, so she prays to God to keep Rao Saheb from getting angry with her. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she knows better than to get involved in a relationship built on a lie.

Bhavani says that Samrudh’s parents didn’t lie about anything. She says that Samrudh is mad at Savi, that his father Mandar promised to take care of Savi, and that there are workers in the house.

She says that any smart person would want his family to grow, so she thinks that Samrudh is the best choice for Savi. Ashwini tells her that she should let Savi keep studying. Bhavani says that Savi might work after she finishes school, but she won’t be able to pay attention to her kids and family.

Ashwini says she can’t stand to see Savi go through what Harini did and go back to her parents’ place. Bhavani says that everyone knows she does what she wants and that if Savi’s proposal doesn’t happen tomorrow, she will fast until she dies.

Riva walks into the living room with Ishan and asks what’s going on when she sees Ishan’s family sitting there in a tense way. Ishan says that when Rao Saheb needs to talk about something important or make a big choice, he calls everyone in the family into the living room.

Riva then asks her why she is there. Swanand and Swati walk in. Riva gets happy seeing her parents. Surekha gives them a warm welcome and then goes to call Rao Saheb. Savi takes Vinu to her room and shows him their parents’ certificates, news articles about their bravery, etc.

She says she wants to make a name for herself like her parents and help people. Vinu is fulfilling all of his dreams and studying more, but he is stopping her from doing the same. She had high hopes for her brother, but he let her down the most.

Vinu says he doesn’t want her to turn out like their parents. After a long time of tension and drama, Rao Saheb meets Swanand and asks Riva to marry Ishan. Everyone is surprised.

Bhavani tells Savi to forget about school and focus on getting married because she wants a child in a year. Ashwini tells Savi she should run away. Ishan tells Riva that she is lying to her and rips up their wedding card.

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