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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th June 2023 Written Episode for today, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai calls Dr. Smith to talk about how to help Satya. Dr. Smith tells her that he will be in the United States next week for a meeting, so Sai should get to Germany as soon as possible. Sai needs time to plan her trip, or it will cost her a lot of money. Dr. Smith says that because he heard a lot about her from Dr. Survase, he can set up a brief internship for her and her husband in the hospital. He will pay for their room and board, so she should just try to get to Germany as soon as possible.

Satya’s family is informed by Sai that she will be travelling with Satya to Germany so that he can receive treatment from Dr. Smith, a well-known neurologist. She will fly Satya and Savi to Mumbai tomorrow and then to Berlin, Germany, the next day. Amba says that they will use their savings to pay for hospital bills, but how will Sai take care of Satya and Savi by himself in a strange city? Sai says she has been alone for more than half of her life and will be fine. Right now, the most important thing is that Satya gets better.

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Sai calls Virat and tells him that she is taking Savi and Satya to Germany for medical care. They will leave tomorrow. Virat gets an emergency call from Inspector Kadam and hangs up on Sai’s call. Ashwini and Bhavani overhear Virat talking, and Ashwini says that Virat wanted to leave before, and now Sai is leaving for a long distance.

Bhavani says that she won’t let Sai take Savi away and that she will ask Virat to claim custody of Savi. Ashwini says that Sai gave up custody of Vinu, so Virat won’t try to take custody of Savi. Bhavani says that if she can’t keep Savi with them through the law, she will use mental blackmail. She goes to Vinu’s school instead of getting him up, and she asks Savi if she wants to hang out with them before they leave for Germany. Savi agrees gladly. Savi will be picked up by Maddy. Savi tells Bhavani that she will go with her now and asks her to tell Sai to pick her up later from Chavan Nivas.

Maddy goes home and tells Sai about what happened. Sai says that she should have told her before sending Savi with Bhavani. She calls Bhavani, who says that since she is taking Savi to Germany, she brought Savi with her to spend some time with her, and Sai can pick up Savi in the evening. Sai agrees and thinks that Bhavani must be up to something since she is so cool after hearing the news. Savi gets a lot of food from Bhavani. Virat goes home and is glad to see Savi. Savi says that Bhavani brought her here so that they could spend some time together before Bhavani went to Germany. Virat remembers Savi’s call. After a while, Bhavani gives Savi a gold locket. Savi says that Vinu has a locket of the sun and she has a locket of the moon. Bhavani says that they are both the next people in line to live in this house, and she wants them to stay with her forever. She tricks Savi into telling Sai, through Virat, that Savi can stay at Chavan nivas.

Savi goes to see Virat and tells him that she wants to stay with him and Vinu. She also tells him that she will go to Germany with Sai. Virat calls Sai to let her know the same thing. He then sends Savi a video call and asks her to tell him what she thinks. Savi says same. Sai tells her to think about it again if she’s sure she doesn’t want to go to Germany with her and Satya. Savi says no.

When Satya hears them, he asks if Sai really isn’t with them. Sai says that Savi can’t be without her for long and will come pick her up tonight. At night, Virat makes Savi and Vinu asleep. He gets a call from Kadam about a violent act and leaves. Savi wakes up feeling sad and alone.She approaches Harini and requests to be dropped off at her house. Harini says that she will do it the next day. She goes to her grandparents’ room and asks the same thing. Ninad tells her that it’s late and she should go to bed. Then Savi calls Sai, but when she doesn’t answer, Savi leaves Chavan Nivas alone and goes to Sai’s house.


Satya tells Virat over a video call that he knows Virat and Sai are meant to be together, so it’s time for him to leave their lives. Virat says that Sai didn’t say yes when he asked her out, and she won’t say yes now. Sai tells Virat that putting love ahead of tasks is not a good idea.

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