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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Update.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update:

Savi prepares to go to college. Her MIL tells her she can’t go to college and should do jobs around the house instead. Her MIL, her husband, and his aunt catch her and cut her tongue. Savi wakes up and realises she is having a nightmare.

Harini asks her if everything is OK. Savi says that she saw her future. Harini tells her to get ready and get to the kitchen as soon as possible because they have a lot to do. Savi says the party is in two days. When Ashwini walks in, she tells them that Vinu is coming today, so they are making his favourite food.

Savi is glad to hear that. Durva and Anvi take selfies with their dad Nishikanth at the Bhosale house. Shantanu laughs when he sees that. Rao Saheb walks in and asks about Nishant because Ishan hasn’t gone hiking in a long time.

Durva tells him not to worry because he has gone hiking with his special one. Ishan and Riva come back from their trip. Nishikant asks his trek trip how it went. Ishan said that it was good and that they both liked it.

When Durva and Anvi see Riva wearing Ishan’s jacket, they tease her by saying that it’s common for women to wear their boyfriends’ jackets these days. Rao Saheb also jokes strangely.

Bhavani walks into the kitchen and tells Harini and Ashwini to make a feast for Vinu. She gives them ghee and dry fruits to put in the dishes. Ashwini says that Bhavani didn’t give her dry fruits for Savi when she asked for them a few days ago.

Bhavani knows the difference between her daughter and her son, Ashwini says. Bhavani tells Savi to stay away from Isha and tells her to rest because she is getting married soon. When Riva thinks of Ishan, she feels shy.

In the background, the song’s main track plays. Her father calls her and asks if she forgot him because she didn’t even call him once yesterday.

She asks him what he’s having for breakfast. He says that her mother made breakfast and that a man’s stomach is the way to his heart. He loves her mother a lot because of how well she cooks.

Savi gets to her school. Isha asks about her partnership. Harini talks about how she danced to the song “Chikni Chameli” in front of the boy and his family to try to scare them away.

However, the boy liked her and agreed to marry her, even though she asked that she be allowed to study and focus on her job after the marriage. Isha thinks that is good. Savi says she has a strange feeling. Riva goes to the kitchen and tells Surekha and Asmita that they need to make food.

Surekha asks her to help Asmita as she leaves the kitchen.

Riva asks Asmita if she can cook and asks everyone what their favourite dish is so she can find out what Ishan’s favourite dish is. Asmita says Ishan likes moong dal halwa. Asmita tells Ishan that Riva is making his favourite dish, so Ishan sends Riva a message.

Riva tells him to go to the balcony and eat his favourite food there. On Ishan’s halwa with dry fruits, she writes “I love you.” Asmita comes back and says, “I love you, not I.” Riva says in a nervous voice that he always writes something on her plate. When Durva and Avni hear that, they decide to play a joke on Riva.

Isha tells Savi that she needs to be smart and make a good choice. Savi says Bhavani won’t pay attention to her and will definitely marry her. Isha says that sometimes people have to go against themselves to get what they want. For her dream to come true, she may have to go against Bhavani.

Bhavani tells Savi to forget about school and focus on getting married because she wants a child in a year. Ashwini tells Savi she should run away. Ishan talks to Riva about how she was hiding the fact that she was getting married, and she cries over the wedding present.

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