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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savi asked Virat to bring her a kite and its string, which he did. Savi says that it’s great and asks Virat to teach her how to fly a kite. Virat agrees. Savi says with joy that she is going to fly a kite now. Sai goes outside to check and comes back with them.

In the background, the Rishton Ka Manjha.. song plays. They have a race against another kid and win. Savi rejoices. Virat smiles seeing Sai happy. Satya comes to them in his wheelchair. Savi says she won by flying a kite. Virat tells Satya that he came to give Savi the kite she asked for and that he is leaving. Savi says that her aayi told her uncle Satya to help her fly a kite, so she called her baba. Satya says that her aayi is right; her uncle is no longer useful.

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai sees that Savi’s kite string is on the ground and walks over to it. She falls into a manhole after stepping on it. She calls out to get help. Savi runs to her side with Satya and begs Satya to save his aayi. Satya tries hard to pull her up, but he can’t. When Virat gets there and grabs him, he is about to fall into the hole himself. He remembers hearing Savi’s call for help and running to help them.

He has a hard time pulling Sai up. Savi gives him a big hug and tells him she’s glad he saved her aayi. Virat says that even Satya uncle did everything he could. Satya says that he couldn’t save Sai, but that he’s grateful that Virat saved his wife. Virat goes.

After a while, Sai calls nurse Rani and tells her that she will take the day off if she doesn’t have any important plans. The nurse checks, and if there are no urgent appointments, she tells the patient. Sai says that she can send her patients to Dr. Maya because she told Maya today that she was going on leave. Nurse says that may be why Virat’s parents went to Dr. Maaya instead of Sai for their regular checkups.

Seeing how Satya acts, Sai thinks Virat must have asked them to meet with another doctor. She calls Ashwini and asks why they went to see someone else. Ashwini says that they didn’t want to bother her because she’s already nervous. Sai tells her to give her a call if she ever needs help.

Sai gets angry when he thinks about how he couldn’t save Sai and how Virat did. Sai walks in and tells him that it wasn’t his fault and that he’ll feel better soon, so he shouldn’t put too much pressure on himself. Satya tells her to stop giving him fake hope like a doctor, since he is a doctor himself and can see his future now that he is getting better. Sai says that the way they think changes how they treat them. Satya asks her if she would like to go back to Virat.

What does Sai ask? Satya asks her again, and she should go if she still loves Virat and wants to go back to him. Sai asks, “How could she?” Satya claims he loves her, but he does not want her to be with him because he feels sorry for her. Sai tells Satya that she is not something he can give to someone else because it is her life and she knows what she is doing. She is not one of those people who run away from their responsibilities because she does her job well. Satya should let her make her own decisions because Sai knows that Satya will soon be back on his feet. Virat thinks that Sai stayed with him because she felt sorry for him and wouldn’t have been in this marriage otherwise.

Sai burns her finger while cooking because she thinks about what Satya said. Her inner voice tells her not to worry and to leave Satya when he asks her to. Sai says she is not selfish because Satya was always there for her when she needed help. She cannot abandon him when he requires her. A voice inside her head asks her if she will give up her love for Satya, and what if Satya doesn’t get better at all. Sai says that she will do anything to help Satya get back on his feet. Sai calls Dr. Survase and asks him for Dr. Joseph Smith’s phone number. Dr. Survase asks if she wants him to help Satya. He says that online treatment never works, so she might have to take Satya to Germany. Sai says she’ll do it.


Satya tells Virat over a video call that he knows Virat and Sai are meant to be together, so it’s time for him to leave their lives. Virat says that Sai didn’t say yes when he asked her out, and she won’t say yes now. Sai tells Virat that putting love ahead of tasks is not a good idea.

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