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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Update for Today from GHKKPM: In the next episode of “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein,” which will air on June 11, 2023, Sai will try to help Satya get better while she is having problems in her own life. Virat chooses to move away, and Savi asks him for help in a challenge to fly a kite. This episode is sure to be exciting and complicated.

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai’s Encouragement and Support: At the start of the show, Sai encourages Satya to stay focused on his exercises so that he can get better faster. She tells him that he will get better soon if he works hard and thinks positively.

Satya asks Sai to stay with him because he thinks that having her there will help him get better. Satya agrees when Sai tells him he needs another MRI test to find out more.

What Bhavani thought of Sonali’s business idea

Sonali asks Mohit why he is dressed so formally, and he tells her that he has a job interview. Sonali says that they should think about taking out an additional loan on their house and starting a new business instead of taking the job. Bhavani gets angry and tells Sonali not to make the same mistakes she did before.

She also tells Sonali that if she needs help, she should go back to her mother’s house. Sonali doesn’t agree with Bhavani, so she goes away.

The project by Vinu and the appreciation by Virat

Virat thanks Surva for letting Vinayak work on his project at the hospital where they work. Surva says that in the future, Vinu will be their doctor. Rani is in charge of telling all the doctors about Vinu. Vinu runs into Sai outside and asks her why she didn’t call him.

He says that his father brought him to the project because he thought Sai was busy with “Dr. Cool.” When Virat comes, Sai thanks him and tells Vinu to pay attention to his project. Virat says that Sai is a strong woman and compliments her for being able to do many things at once. Vinu gives them a hug, happy to have parents who are so strong.

Virat’s Worry and Satya’s Unexpected Visit

Satya runs into Sai at the hospital, and Sai asks him how he got there. Satya tells her that he went to get an MRI because Sai suggested it and he wanted to surprise her. But it looks like the time was off. As they are getting ready to leave, Virat asks Satya to stay.

Satya doesn’t understand why Virat is at the hospital instead of at work. Sai explains that Virat helped Vinu with his project and asks Satya why he seems so upset. Satya is worried that Virat is using their kid as an excuse to be close to Sai. He tells her to open her eyes and see what’s going on. When Virat goes to get his car keys, he hears them talking.

Virat’s Choice to Keep Himself

Kadam tells Virat at the police office about a case of violence in the home. He feels bad that he ever doubted Sai, so he chooses to stay away from her to avoid problems. He sends Sai a message saying he’s sorry for what he did and that he’s going to stay away from her to avoid more trouble. He tells her to take care of Satya and herself. The message is read by Sai.

Ashwini’s idea and Savi’s Kite-Flying

Ashwini goes to see Virat and tells him that Ninad should get regular checkups at Sai’s hospital. Virat, however, suggests that Sai see another doctor because she is already dealing with problems and he doesn’t want to add to them. Savi sees boys flying kites and challenges them, even though she has been told that girls can’t do that. Savi calls Sai and asks her to teach her how to fly a kite. Sai says he will teach her the next day, but he puts helping Satya first. Savi goes to Virat to ask for his help in the kite-flying competition.

Virat was hesitant at first because he was busy, but he finally agreed to meet her with a kite and some thread. Savi tells Satya how thankful she is, and Satya gives Satya a foot rub.

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