Faltu Written Update

Faltu 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 9th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu joins the group at the beginning of the episode. Stop being bad guys. Faltu faints. The women help her. The bad guy says that girl is very smart, but she got away. The women say that we should take her to the ashram. Tanu thinks I should talk to Ruhaan and find out what he has planned for Faltu. Sumitra asks, “When are you going to meet Kanika?” I’m thinking about going with her, because she’ll be happy to see me.

Tanu thinks that I should talk to Ruhaan. She says, “Next time, I’ll ask permission for you.” She goes away. Sumitra says is Tanu hiding something. Faltu is taken to the ashram by the women. Guru ji looks at her and says that we can’t talk to her until she wakes up.

Tanu comes to meet Ruhaan. The boss talks about Faltu when she is around. Ruhaan asks, “What are you doing here?” I have to go to work as an imp, so you should leave. She says, “I came to talk to you, so just call Faltu.” They disagree.

She says, “I know Faltu isn’t here, you’re lying, how can you do this? If anything happens to her, find her before Ayaan finds out she isn’t here.” She goes away. Guru ji treats Faltu. Ruhaan comes to meet Janardhan. He asks, “Why did you call me here? No matter what you do, I won’t forgive you.”

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Janardhan says, “You know half the truth. I’ll tell you the whole truth: I didn’t do anything wrong with your dad.” Ruhaan asks do you mean, my dad lied to me. Faltu is cared for by Guru ji and the women. He says, “I have no idea if anyone is looking for her.” For her, he prays. He says that we should talk to the cops. The man says that if Guru ji calls the cops, our truth will come out.

Janardhan says, “I took money from your dad, the money and diary got stolen, I had no contact with him, I filed a police report, you can check it, I arranged money and set up the business, I went to meet Avinash after 2 days, nobody knew about him, he left the house, I tried hard to find him, I was happy to know you are Avinash’s son, I have kept the money safe, I can’t return your dad, if you take the money Ruhaan leaves.

Ayaan packs his bags. Savita starts to cry and begs him not to leave. He says, “It’s hard to breathe here, and I want to go home.” Dadi says to Savita, “Let him go. He will get stronger and come back.” Kumkum tells Savita to relax. Ayaan says don’t cry. Dadi blesses Ayaan.

Tanu comes. Ayaan says, “I want to think about me.” He gives them a hug and goes. Dadi says, “I know there are still many chapters left in your and Faltu’s story.” Faltu stands up and asks where the thugs took him. The woman tells you that you are safe in our ashram.

Guru ji comes to see Faltu and talk to him. He asks who you are, why bad guys were after you, and where you live. Faltu says that they tried to take me away, but he doesn’t know where they were going with me. Thanks a lot for looking after me, Faltu says. He tells her to get some kada.

He tells you not to worry because Mahadev thought it would be good for you to come here, so you did. Leave your problems to him and take a break. Faltu cries. Ayaan leaves where she lives. He thinks I don’t know where I’m going and that my future is up to fate.

Ayaan shows up at the ashram. The bell at the temple rings. Faltu sees Ayaan and goes to him.

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