Faltu Written Update

Faltu 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Ayaan throws Faltu’s clothes. Tanu and Sid come. Sid stops Ayaan. Ayaan says I have to get rid of this because I don’t want to have any chance that she will come back. She thinks it’s Karma because she felt the same way when you left her.

Ayaan told me to take this to Ruhaan’s place. Guard tells the thugs to show him the bag. Kaka comes over and tells him to stop reading spy books because they were at his house to fix the fridge. Faltu screams. The guard wants to know where the sound came from. The man says that my phone is old because the movie started playing on it.

The thugs go home.Sid says, “I’ll tell Ruhaan about this, so don’t do it.” Ayaan tells Sid to please, please leave. Sid is asked to come by Tanu. Ayaan thinks about Faltu and his sweet moment with him. He says that everything was a lie and that you never loved me.

Sid starts to cry and says, “I feel helpless seeing Ayaan like this. We can’t help him.” Tanu says that if we don’t take care of Ayaan and bring happiness back to the family, our family will fall apart. He says, “I love you very much, will you leave me and go?”

She gives him a hug and tells him, “Never, you loved me when I needed it most.” She thinks I hate Faltu and Ayaan, but I just want to know what Ruhaan wants. Ayaan is coming. He thinks I will erase the memories you have of him.

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Faltu 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu is tied up by the thugs. Faltu wonders where they are taking him and why that uncle, who seemed nice, did this. She says prayers. Ayaan walks up to the car. He has a fight with the thugs. Manager says Faltu is lost. Why did you lie to Ayaan? They can file a police report.

He is asked by Ruhaan to find Faltu. Ayaan says, “I’ll help you push the car.” Faltu hears Ayaan and tries to make a loud noise. Ayaan gets Savita’s call. He tells me that I’m going to Ruhaan’s house to give Faltu’s things back. Faltu thinks, “How does he know I’m at Ruhaan’s house? The goons could hurt me if I stay here.”

Faltu screams. Ayaan stops when he hears her. He wants to know what that noise was. The goon doesn’t say anything, but something fell here. Ayaan says fine. The goon thanks you. There is where Ayaan goes. He goes to Ruhaan’s house and gives him the bags.

He tells her, “I got Faltu’s clothes. If she has anything, she can give it back. Please give me back my passion and my memories.” He feels sad and tells her to give him back his hope. He tells her that she can’t do this to him, that she should tell her that I want everything back and that I shouldn’t have any hope that Faltu will come back. He’s crying.

He says, “I knew it, but Faltu won’t answer me. She’s selfish and only knows how to take and destroy.” He goes. Ruhaan gets sad. His own mind makes fun of him. Ruhaan says that Faltu was the family’s backbone and that he has taken them away. His inner self says, “You can’t take away their happiness. You lost Shanaya, you fell alone, and if you think you’ve won, then cheers to that.”

Faltu says that my family will come and look for me. Don’t try to trick us, the thugs say. She says, “Let me go to the bathroom.” She fights and runs away.

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