Faltu Written Update

Faltu 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Janardhan says at the beginning of the episode that I had taken money from him for business. Ayaan is sad. What’s going on? asks Dadi. He says that it means Ruhaan wasn’t lying, and that he is getting back at me for what you did. Janardhan asks Avinash how he knows him. Ayaan says he is Avinash’s son, and he wants to hurt us. What did you do with him, asks Harsh.

Faltu says it’s a beautiful sight, and the weather is also good. Kaka says, “Yes, it’s nice to sit by a window and look out at the city.” She asks what’s wrong and why you’re sad when you have your son and bahu. He says, “Yes, but only when I call.

Go change your clothes and put on my wife’s clothes.” She says no, she won’t like it, but don’t worry, it’s okay. She gives him a bowl of soup. He tells her to change into a different outfit and sleep in the room.

She says, “Don’t worry, I’ll sleep anywhere because I’m used to it.” The soup is good to him. He says, “If you work for me, why shouldn’t I care about you? I have a daughter, and I miss her when I see you. Leave now.” He asks her to give him a multivitamin. She picks it up and leaves. He calls someone and says, “I have a young girl. She’s at my house.

Come here and take her. I won’t take less than 10 lakhs.” Ayaan asks, “Is it true that you borrowed money from Avinash and never gave it back? The people who lent him the money tortured him until he killed himself?” Janardhan is taken aback. If this is true, says Ayaan, then Ruhaan is getting back at us because of you. Savita asks if you don’t believe in him because he can’t do this.

Janardhan feels sad. Ayaan says to ask him to be honest. Janardhan says, “I didn’t know he was Avinash’s son, so there’s nothing more to say.” She tells him, “I believe you, so please tell us the truth.” Dadi asks, “What’s wrong?” Janardhan says Ruhaan is saying true.

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Everyone is surprised. Faltu gets cleaned up. She says, “Why do I feel sleepy? Maybe it’s because I’m taking medicine or I’m just tired.” She cries when she thinks about Ayaan.

She lets herself in. Kaka sees her feeling sleepy. He gives someone a smile and a message. Everyone asks Janardhan to say. Janardhan says, “The money I took from Avinash, I didn’t use it for business. Some thugs attacked me and stole the money. I never got that money back.

I thought if mom and Savita knew this, they would worry. My brothers were struggling a lot, and I didn’t tell them. Ayaan was young. I lost my diary, which had Avinash’s number. I arranged money but had no contact of him. When I went to meet him, I Ayaan says I m sorry.

He hugs Janardhan. Kaka sees Faltu sleeping. He tells the thugs to be quiet, take Faltu, and leave. Faltu thinks about Ayaan.

Kaka wants to be paid. He tells you to give me the whole amount. The man gives him money up front. He tells you to take the rest of the money from the boss. Ayaan says, “I didn’t think about anything and I doubted you. I knew you couldn’t hurt anyone, but I put my faith in Ruhaan.” Janardhan says I feel you are wrong about Faltu also, maybe Ruhaan had blackmailed Faltu. Ayaan says, “I saw Faltu with Ruhaan at the hospital.

There’s nothing to talk about; she’s at his place now.” Tanu stops Sid and tells him that if he talks about Faltu, it will hurt Ayaan, so she picked Ruhaan. Ayaan says that the story with Faltu and me is over for good. He goes.

Janardhan says that Faltu can’t be wrong, but I won’t believe it until she says it herself. Harsh, please find Faltu so I can ask her this question in person. The goons take Faltu. Kaka asks will she die. Don’t worry, the goon says no.

Ayaan has a fight with the goon. Faltu hears Ayaan and screams when he does. Ayaan stops.

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