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Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Ruhaan says at the beginning of the episode, “Faltu is very nice, so you have no choice but to stay away from her.” Ayaan says, “I’ll punch you in the face, so watch what you say.” Ruhaan says that you won’t be able to get her back because your love wasn’t strong, I didn’t do much, and everything fell apart because she picked me over you. Kaka talks to Faltu.

He says that fate brought you to me, but he doesn’t know what will happen next. Ayaan calls out Faltu. Ruhaan says that she is sleeping because she is tired of you all because she has done a lot for your family. Ayaan says no, she can’t do that, call her outside.

Ruhaan tells you to calm down, because this isn’t your home. Faltu thanks Kaka. She tells you to go home and see your family. He asks where you’re going now that you’ve left home. I’ll stay at the temple, she says.

He says, “Come with me if you think it’s right.” She says no, because you’ve already done a lot for me and your family will worry. He says, “I have no one at home. My wife died in Covid, and my son and bahu live in America. They don’t have time for me.

I talk to people on the roads and help them. Don’t cry. I have a nice girl like you. I have no complaints. You are like my daughter. Young girls shouldn’t live on the roads. Go back home or go to a friend or relative.” Ayaan yells, and the glass breaks.

Ruhaan says she’s sleeping. Don’t you get it? I’ll keep her happy, I promise. Ayaan asks why you are doing this and if you are trying to get back at me. Ruhaan says, “I’m getting even with your dad. It’s okay that you came.

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Janardhan killed my dad.” Ayaan is shocked. Faltu says, “Find me a job. I’m not very smart, but if I get a job, I’ll find a place to live.” He tells you that his friend needs a seller and that you can do the job there. Does your house have a phone?

She says no, I’ll see you here the next day. Ruhaan tells Ayaan how sad his father is. Ayaan says, “Stop talking nonsense! You’re lying, and my dad can’t hurt anyone.” Ruhaan says, “Go home and ask Janardhan about Avinash Sachdeva. He is an expert cheater.

Your dad used to call my dad a friend. He asked for a loan, and my dad mortgaged the house to get the money.

He didn’t know his friend would go to Mumbai and never come back.” Kaka gets dizzy. Faltu asks are you fine. He doesn’t say anything, I’ll handle it. She says, “I’ll come home and cook for you. You can talk to your friend about my job.” She follows after him.

Ruhaan says, “Janardhan lied to me, money lenders hurt my dad, Janardhan stole my childhood, my father, and my dream of a normal life, so I got even. If I can’t be happy, neither can you.” Ayaan says you are lying and blame him. Ruhaan says, “Go home and ask him.

I wanted to talk to Janardhan, and now he knows it. Get out.” Ayaan says I will not leave you. He goes. Ruhaan tells Faltu, “I’m sorry. I saved you from Ayaan. He doesn’t trust you, and this isn’t love.”

Sumitra wakes up Sid and Tanu. She says get up, Janardhan is missing, he went to meet Ruhaan. Tanu says, “Why?” I don’t know is what Sumitra says. Kaka gets Faltu home. He asks if you liked it. It’s a small house that I keep the same way my wife did.

You can stay here as long as you like. She says, “I’ll stay here tonight, and then I’ll go. Show me where the kitchen is, and I’ll make you some soup, and then you can go to sleep.” Savita asks Ayaan where he went after leaving the hospital. Dadi is angry with the doctor.

Savita says that if Ayaan doesn’t come home, she will close down your hospital. Kumkum gives her comfort. Sumitra says what’s going on.

Faltu chops the food. I play cricket, she says. She thinks about what Ayaan said. She says, “I played cricket in the past.” He asks you why you’re still playing. She tells me I can’t play because the cricket association banned me. She says, “Leave it alone, it’s a long story.

Tell me what to make for dinner.” He tells her to go to sleep. She says that I’m OK now. She says that your house is lovely. Janardhan asks what, Ayaan is missing.

Sid said, “I thought you and Ayaan went to Ruhaan.” Janardhan says, “I was going to meet Ruhaan, but the office staff called me, so I’ll go see Ayaan instead.” Ayaan comes home. He meets everyone. He says that I’m okay. Janardhan asks did you go to meet Ruhaan.

Ayaan says yes, I want to talk to you. Savita says, “First, come with me. Don’t make me mad.” People worry about Ayaan. Ayaan tells me that Faltu tricked me. I don’t believe this, says Janardhan.

Ayaan says, “I want to talk to you, so please come with me.” Janardhan says, “Say it here: We are all one family.” Ayaan asks if you are familiar with Avinash Sachdeva. Janardhan is taken aback.

Before the end of the chapter, Ayaan says, “Faltu,” and she is happy with Ruhaan. Tanu laughs. Faltu gets taken.

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