Faltu Written Update

Faltu 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 4th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Ayaan says, “I have to find Ruhaan and ask him why he took my Faltu and what he wanted by doing all this.” He goes. Faltu has left her house, according to Charan. Jamuna wants to know what, why, and how she didn’t call. Charan says I’ll meet up with her. Jamuna says, “Tell me why she’s leaving her house.”

Everyone talks. Pratap says that because of the bad weather, there won’t be a train for the next two days. Jamuna tells me that I should call Ayaan and ask him why he left Faltu. Faltu calls him. Everyone wants to know what’s wrong and why she left the house. He says I will talk to Ayaan, go back home. Jamuna tells you to go back and say you’re sorry.

Faltu says, “I’ll never go back. You don’t know what happened.” He tells her to tell him. She says I left my town and family for Ayaan, but he doesn’t trust me, he ruined my reputation, and I can’t go to him. Angoori asks her where she went wrong.

She says, “Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll work and make a living.” Charan says, “I’m fine. If it’s about your self-worth, don’t go back there.” Savita cries and gets everyone’s attention. Sumitra asks is Ayaan fine. Janardhan went somewhere, according to Savita, but I don’t know where he went. Amar says that he got out of the car. She asks Tanu and Sid where they are. Sumitra says that they are sleeping.

Savita says, “That’s fine, don’t tell them. If Ayaan finds out, he’ll get angry.” Charan tells Faltu, “You don’t need to go there. Ayaan has no right to question your character.” Angoori argues. Faltu says, “I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m helpless, try to understand.

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I can’t stay with someone who doesn’t trust and respect me. I’ll stay here and follow my dream. Are you ashamed of my decision?” Charan says, “No, don’t worry, I’ll see you soon.” Angoori warns Charan.

He tells her to stop bothering him. Faltu appreciates the man’s help. She wants to eat. Amar says Janardhan was talking to Ruhaan on call. Sumitra asks, “Why should I meet Ruhaan?” Faltu went to see him at Sumitra’s request. Everyone is worried.

Faltu wonders, “Who will feed me if I don’t have money?” She sees how many people are near the stall. She has a thought. She tells the people to take the food and stops them.

She tells him, “I’m helping you. Just give me two vada paus for free.” The owner of the stall agrees. She remembers Ayaan. The man hands the food to her and tells her to eat it. She says thank you. Some kids come up to her and ask her for food. She hands them her plate and asks if they want it. An old guy looks on. Ruhaan says that I will find peace if I make Janardhan count all of his mistakes.

Faltu can see that the food is packed and put next to her. The old man says, “It’s for you. I saw how you gave the food to those kids. You have a big heart. You’re sick. Have food and medicine, too.” She asks me why I’m getting help. He says you will help him when he helps you. How? she asks. He says that we don’t know when people will come to help us.

If they have the food, he says, I will think my daughter has eaten it. She says “thank you” and eats. Ayaan comes to meet Ruhaan. He breaks the glass and hits Ruhaan in the face with a punch. They disagree. Ruhaan says you will never get Faltu now.

Ayaan says, “Why are you doing this? Are you getting back at me?” Ruhaan says, “Your dad killed my dad, so I’m getting even with him.”

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