Faltu Written Update

Faltu 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 3rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Ruhaan says at the beginning of the episode, “Should I try to help or not? If she makes a scene, what should I do?” Sid asks Ayaan, “How are you?” Tanu asks, “Do you want anything?” because your car is in the water. Ayaan asks for Faltu.

Tanu tells Sid to go get medicine for her. She has him go. She says that everyone is worried about you, that you shouldn’t have gone out, that you should only worry about yourself and not about Faltu, and that if I tell you about her, you won’t be able to handle it. Faltu sees Ruhaan. She tells him off. Tanu says Faltu is with Ruhaan. Ayaan says no, my Faltu can’t do this.

Tanu shows Ruhaan and Faltu to Ayaan. Ayaan cries. Ruhaan gives help. Faltu tells him off. Tanu tells Sid a lie to keep her from going to them. She says that Faltu and Ruhaan might be up to something, and that we should go help Ayaan because he needs us.

Ayaan falls. Sid picks him up. Faltu asks Ruhaan to leave. She says that mistakes have consequences, so remember this and be ready. Ruhaan goes. Sid sees Faltu. Faltu says I’ll go see Ayaan at least once. Tanu says Ayaan is much emotional. She makes Faltu stop.

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She asks Ruhaan why he is here. Faltu says I will go and meet Ayaan. Tanu says don’t go there, Ayaan doesn’t want to meet you, he is very angry, he said he doesn’t want to see you, sorry. She sobs. Sid shows up and yells at Faltu.

Faltu says, “Okay, I’ll never talk to him again.” Tanu tells her to pay attention. Faltu leaves. Janardhan and Savita are both worried. Savita says that we are going to go to the hospital. Sumitra says to call them and ask when they’ll be home. Sid and Tanu come.

Tanu says that Faltu won’t come at this time. Faltu cries when he thinks about Ayaan. She says what will happen if the two people get together. Ayaan tells Faltu, “I hate you, get out of here!” Faltu says, “I don’t want to meet you because you broke my trust. I promise I will never meet you.” Ayaan gets crazy. Nurse holds him back.

Janardhan says, “I knew Faltu wouldn’t come back and leave Ayaan there because she cares about him.” Tanu says Faltu left, Ruhaan came to take her. Dadi asks her why she’s doing this since she already knows what happened. Tanu claims that I told her.

She tells them a lie. Savita cries and says that she made her own choice. Tanu says that Ayaan was so scared that he was given medicine to help him sleep. Sid says Faltu’s name will anger him. Faltu makes Savita mad. She is sad and wants Ayaan.

Faltu takes a phone from a friend to call Charan. She says, “How do I tell Charan this? He’ll be very worried.”

Faltu talks to her mum and dad. She says that Ayaan ruined my reputation, and since he doesn’t respect me, I can’t stay with him. Ayaan says that this can’t be how everything ends. From the hospital, he goes home.

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