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Faltu 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu gets drunk and acts strange at the beginning of the episode. Tanu thinks there’s nothing I need to do right now. She asks how she got drunk when she’s not a child. Dadi asks her how she got drunk, since she has been to many of our parties and has never done this before. Tanu thinks she is right, that it’s not normal. Kinshuk says that we’ll show her to her room.

Faltu gives Savita a hug and tells her, “You’re so nice.” She calls Ayaan over. She yells at him. He asks who gave her the drink. The thugs cut the line and set the power metre on fire. Faltu is asked to come with Ayaan. He picks her up. Harsh wants to know about Faltu. When Ayaan gets a phone call, he asks, “What, fire? How?  Faltu says, “Fire scares me.”

He asks his mum to look after Faltu. He tells Janardhan to stay behind. He says, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what’s going on.” Faltu goes to the room with Tanu. The helpers watch. Tanu asks Faltu to sleep. Faltu says no, party is going on. Kumkum comes. Faltu hugs her. She says I won’t sleep because there’s a party going on. Kumkum says don’t get stubborn, please sleep.

Faltu says to get in touch with Ayaan. Faltu sleeps. Tanu says that if I show Ayaan the pictures, he will start to doubt me. She’s going. They come into the room.

Ayaan says, “Let me check the stock inside.” Inspector says, “We can’t let you do this. Whoever did it, it was a well-thought-out plan. We’ll look into it. Do you have any doubts?” Ayaan remembers Ruhaan. He gives a yes.

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Harsh says that we don’t question anyone, and if we do, we’ll let you know. Ayaan says I know just Ruhaan can do this. Harsh says yes, but without proof, we can’t take his word for it. Govind agrees with him. Sid says that if Ruhaan did this, I won’t leave him. Govind tells him to relax.

Janardhan says he’s sorry about the party, but some of his family had to go to the warehouse. The visitors say it’s fine and that they had fun here. They go away.

Savita says we didn’t have any choice but to send them away. Tanu is with Faltu, according to Kumkum. Kinshuk calls Janardhan and tells him not to worry because the fire department has put out the fire, which was started on purpose. Janardhan says keep me updated.

Tanu wants to know what the cops said. Janardhan says the cops told him that someone did it on purpose. But don’t worry, we have fire insurance, so it wasn’t a big loss. Tanu wonders if Ruhaan did this on purpose. Faltu gets taken. Dadi tells Tanu that she should have gone with Faltu.

They don’t see Faltu anymore, so they wonder where she went. Tanu says she couldn’t stand up, so where should she go? Tanu thinks she looks like she’s drunk.

Faltu is taken to where Ruhaan lives. She sees Ruhaan. He tells you that you’ll know everything. He takes her hand and says, “I hope coming here isn’t hard for you.” Ayaan says I m going to file FIR against Ruhaan. Janardhan asks, “How do you know?” Ayaan says that he threatened me in front of everyone, and I’m sure that’s true. Harsh says yes, but we don’t have any proof against him.

If Harsh is wrong, the cops will catch Ruhaan. Kumkum says Faltu went somewhere. Ayaan asks what. Tanu isn’t in her room, she says. She was drunk, he says. Savita says that she is in no place. Amar tells her that the back door and window of her room are open. She couldn’t stand up on her own, and you were acting like she was drunk.” Ayaan says mind your tongue.

She says that she thinks Ruhaan has left her. Ayaan says, “If that Ruhaan touches Faltu, I will kill him.” Kinshuk says, “I’ll go with you.” Ayaan says no, I m sufficient to handle Ruhaan. He goes.

Savita prays. Tanu thinks that Ruhaan is trying to trick me, so I need to go there and find out. She asks Sid to come with her because they need to go with Ayaan and he can do anything bad when he’s angry. Ayaan goes to Ruhaan’s house. Faltu wakes up. People worry about Faltu.

Savita asks Tanu if he is right and Faltu if he is playing. You should stop thinking about it, because Ayaan will get there and tell us.” Janardhan says don’t know how low will Ruhaan stoop. Savita says, “I’m scared. I don’t know what Ayaan will do if Faltu is at Ruhaan’s house.” Faltu wants to leave, but Ruhaan stops him. Let me go, or it’ll be too late.” She moves back and says, “I don’t care about you.” He halts her.

Ayaan runs quickly to Ruhaan’s house. He sees Ruhaan and Faltu. He is shocked to see Faltu and Ruhaan say they love each other. Also watching are Sid and Tanu.

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