Faltu Written Update

Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 27th June 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu opens the episode by opening her cabinet. Everyone greets the visitors. Kumkum arrives and invites her to return soon. She praises Faltu. She requests that Faltu don jewelery. She claims that Janardhan wants to introduce you because he feels bad about insulting you and your family. Kumkum queries. She leaves. Faltu insists that I find out. To summon her, Tanu arrives. She gives her praise. Faltu advises me to speak with Ayaan. Tanu demands, so she is taken.

The star of the evening, according to Janardhan, is my son Ayaan Mittal. My family and I have faced many challenges; Ayaan had to serve time in jail; a lot has happened, but Ayaan and Faltu remained steadfast. Janardhan queries Faltu. Faltu arrives. Ayaan believes that nothing is more important than love, thus I will solve our problems. Ayan is seen by Faltu. Janardhan gives Faltu appreciation.

She is the bride of my son, the bahu of this house, and my daughter, he claims, and I’m proud of her. Everybody applauds. Tanu believes that the family conflict began. Faltu sacrificed her largest desire for the sake of her family, according to Janardhan, and I now appreciate her much more because she is our pride.

The servant explains that once the party starts, we will carry out our plan. Janardhan announces the start of the party. On Tu Safar Mera, Ayaan and Faltu dance. She claims that I must speak with you. He adds, “Me too,” but we’ll discuss more after the celebration. She frets. Speaking to the servant is Ruhaan. Keep an eye on Faltu, he advises.

I can accomplish anything when I want to, he claims, and you’ll find that out today. On Gal Mithi, the family dances collectively. When Tanu calls Ruhaan. She claims she is unsure of his arrival time. Tanu is asked by Sid what transpired.

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Roy is asked by Ruhaan to destroy the warehouse, but nobody should be made aware of it. He claims that it is a modest gift from my end for Janardhan. Faltu says I must speak with you since something odd is occurring and I visited Ruhaan’s residence. Don’t take his name, says Ayaan, because I’m doing my best. She says, “Imp, please give me a chance.” He claims there are visitors. He is asked by Janardhan to arrive quickly. I’ll go and show Ayaan the pictures, according to Tanu, who claims that he is betraying me.

In the juice, the servant mixes in some medicines. She tells Faltu a lie. Drinking the juice is Faltu.

Faltu binges, precap. She advises me to speak with Ayaan. What, fire? Ayaan queries. He claims that our warehouse is on fire. Do you doubt anyone when the inspector claims that this was planned out by someone? Yes, says Ayaan.

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