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Faltu 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 26th June 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Kumkum gives Faltu a saree as a gift. Faltu asks if you took care of this for him. Kumkum says no. She makes a sign for Ayaan. Janardhan says that his choice is good and that you will like it. Sumitra is a nice person. Faltu gives Sumitra, Sid, and Tanu the gifts. Faltu is thanked.

You have a big heart.” Tanu thanks Janardhan and Faltu. Sid also says thanks. Janardhan says that Kanika is in jail, that Tanu is our responsibility, that we should walk on the right path and forget about the past, and that he hopes Kanika understands this and picks the right path like you.

Sumitra says “thank you.” She says that Govind was going to break up with me. She begs Govind to let her try again. Faltu told you in anger that Govind loves you a lot. Ayaan wonders how she can be so generous. She is bringing the family together.

I’ll tell her I’m sorry after the party. Sid asks Ayaan to let him off the hook. Ayaan says done and hugs Sid. This family and business are ours, and we have to fight the world, not race among ourselves.”

Ruhaan says that nobody should know about this plan, so security should be tight. Manager tells him to relax. A girl takes Faltu’s mask. Ruhaan does a performance with her and has it recorded. Tanu says, “Please also accept my apology, and give me a chance to make things right.” Ayaan says its okay, I hope you become old Tanu soon. Tanu says thank you.

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Sumitra says that everyone is okay, we can have a good party, and she will call her friends. Tanu thinks that Ayaan finally believes in me, but now Ayaan can’t save Faltu because he made me think negatively about this family. Ruhaan looks at the photos. He asks the man to carefully put Faltu’s face over the other one.

The man tells him to relax. Ruhaan tells Tanisha, “If you can’t be loyal to your mom, you can’t be loyal to me. I’ll play my game by myself, I’ll show Faltu cheating live on TV, and I’ll see how much Ayaan trusts Faltu.” Hard looks at the decorations. Someone calls him. Faltu helps the family as well. She thinks about what Ayaan said and leaves. Ruhaan gives the pictures to Tanu. She is happy.

She hears from him. She says, “I saw the pictures, and you did a great job. The pictures look real.” Ruhaan says, “Yes, I paid a lot of money. Just wait and see what happens at the party.” She says, “See you tonight.” Ruhaan tells all the workers to go home today because Shanaya and Daima have arrived in Nainital.

Don’t worry, says the manager. Ruhaan tells Faltu, “Enjoy your last moments with your family. Then you’ll have to live with me, because I’ll break Janardhan’s backbone the way he broke my dad’s.”

Faltu sees a picture of Charan and says sorry. She says I need to make things right with Ayaan because he has hurt me too much. She goes where Ayaan is and runs into him. They go to Janardhan to meet him. Janardhan tells them to look each other in the eye. He says there’s going to be a party at home, so stop being mad, talk it out, and figure out what’s going on. Act like a strong couple; every couple fights, but you have to know when to stop.

Ayaan says that you will see us happy at the party. Janardhan says Faltu was wrong to lie, but he doesn’t understand why you got her kicked out of the cricket school. Was it necessary? You should ask her if Ayaan is ready to go to the party with her.

He goes. Janardhan says, “You do a lot for your family. Don’t break up your relationship. I want you both to be happy.” She says, “I promise to do my best.” She goes out and goes to see Ayaan. He says that the family shouldn’t have to pay. She says, “I know, I care about them, and I’ll do my best.” Sumitra says that everything went well and that we should take a picture. He gives her a warning and leaves.

She tells you to go talk to Ayaan and Faltu about why they keep fighting and staying mad. If you look at them at a party, they will keep a fake smile on their faces. Faltu gets ready and thinks of Ayaan and how he always keeps his promises. She wonders why her clothes are all over the place in her closet.

Recap: Janardhan hails Faltu in front of the other people there. He says, “I’m happy that Ayaan’s wife, Faltu, is my Bahu.” Ruhaan says that I will do anything to get what I want.

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