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Faltu 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

The chairman of the academy addresses the family at the beginning of the episode and discusses Faltu’s error. He claims that since people have great expectations for women’s cricket, they will be disappointed if they see Faltu’s error. Wait, Faltu has been proven innocent, says Janardhan.

The man hands Faltu an envelope. She requests that Kinshuk explain what is written there. Kinshuk looks it over. Janardhan inquires as to its contents. Takes the paper: Ayaan. He claims that the cricket academy has barred Faltu for the fraud. Everybody is in awe. Ayaan claims she can no longer play cricket.

Tanu beams. She speaks up and demands to know how Faltu may be suspended or banned and why it is necessary to do so. She requests Ayaan to speak. Everyone questions how the man can forbid Faltu without providing any evidence. Ayaan claims that there is no proof, but there is a witness.

I am that witness, and I provided them with the evidence by stating that I have witnessed Faltu acting as Shanaya. What’s wrong? You’re ruining her career, Janardhan queries. According to Ayaan, if I likewise deceive everyone, there won’t be any distinction between Faltu and me because I am speaking the truth.

Dadi implores Faltu to refute it. Faltu is urged to quit cricket by Ayaan in order to preserve their union. Faltu declares, “If it pleases you, I will leave cricket.” She claims that Ayaan is telling the truth and that I erred greatly by pretending to be Shanaya in the academy.

The reporters query why you took this action. Faltu claims that Shanaya’s mental condition was deteriorating and that I wanted to assist her in realizing her dream; however, Ruhaan threatened to destroy my family and have them evicted from this home if I didn’t listen to him.

The news is seen by Daima and Ruhaan. Upon hearing the news, Shanaya sobs. She swoons. Are you okay, Ruhaan fears and queries. He becomes enraged at Faltu. reporters query What do you want to say, your husband damaged your career? Faltu, didn’t you feel awful. They are prompted to leave by Janardhan. Ayaan, you messed up today, says Dadi. Ayaan leaves.

Tanu questions why you agreed to it and how you’ll manage without your dream going forward. Faltu sobs before leaving. Tanu writes to Ruhaan. Physician examines Shanaya.

Daima claims Faltu is to blame for what took place. The doctor instructs them to take Shanaya outside so she can heal. I know a treatment facility, she claims, and I can speak with them. Daima is asked by Ruhaan to accompany Shanaya. This, according to Daima, is correct.

Are you finished insulting me, Faltu queries. What’s the issue—you said you’d quit cricket, did I send you to play as Shanaya? Ayaan queries. Faltu claims, “I will go for the sake of my family. It wasn’t easy for me. I had seen a single dream. I risked it for the sake of my family.

Please leave, he begs, since it makes him think about how you cheated on him. He hurries her out of the room while sobbing. Yaar Bedardiya performs… She sobs. She hugs his photo while sleeping. Her nightmares occur. She claims that I must die since I lost Ayaan and cricket and that if I did, Ayaan may then begrudge me.

She makes her way to the balcony railing to climb it. She weeps. Ayaan comes to mind. Jumping down, she. Upon awakening, Ayaan yells Faltu. I have to meet Faltu, he adds, thanking God that it was all a dream. Faltu tears and embraces his photo. She is visited by Ayaan. To greet Tanu, Ruhaan arrives. Why did you summon me here, he queries, and what’s all this.

She explains that she did this for her safety because her mother is in jail and would you like coffee. No, I’m fine, he replies. I’m sorry, I didn’t want anyone to know about our encounter, she apologises. He queries your topic of interest. Why did you come, did you come to chastise or punish me? Faltu queries. Holding hands, Ayaan stands. He departs.

Ayaan overhears Faltu and Janardhan speaking. Faltu claims that Ayaan is the most important thing to me. Tanu claims that if we can show that Faltu and you are having an affair, Ayaan will kick her out of his life. Ruhaan observes.

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