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Faltu 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Faltu for June 22, 2023, as posted on TellyUpdate.in

Faltu Written Update:

Ruhaan receives Tanu’s message at the beginning of the episode. Shanaya welcomes Faltu’s visit. Are you okay, she inquires. Ruhaan claims she is obsessed with you. Shanaya rises. Can’t you take care, Faltu asks. I was missing you, Shanaya says, and since I know you won’t do anything wrong, you can remain here with me right away.

Try to understand, Faltu adds; I can’t stay here since this isn’t my home. Make this your home, Ruhaan and I will remain as a happy family, Ayaan is awful, adds Shanaya. Faltu reprimands her.

Shanya sobs. She is urged to relax by Daima. Shanaya queries what I said was incorrect. Faltu cautions her and states, “You can’t say anything like that. I came here to check on you.” She’s a child, she’s unwell, and you’re reprimanding her, claims Daima. Faltu counters. Speaking good to Shanaya, advises Ruhaan.

Faltu claims that since we were acting improperly, this had to occur. According to Shanaya, Ayaan committed this act because he envies me because you spend more time with me. She is urged to relax by Faltu. She claims that if she hadn’t been defenseless, it would not have happened. Ayaan is furious and left cricket in rage.

We didn’t leak this information, and he wasn’t aware of it. I can’t maintain our connection since he is the love of my life, and I can’t betray him. She leaves. Faltu is being pursued by Shanaya, who begs Ruhaan to stop him. Ruhaan halts Faltu. Tanu approaches and observes. What makes Ayaan so unique that I don’t have him, asks Ruhaan, “I can buy five men like Ayaan, I can do anything for Shanaya’s sake.” Tanu notes them down. Faltu slaps and corrects Ruhaan.

They clash. He claims that although I had come to get revenge on Janardhan, I had to turn back due to you. However, since both you and Ayaan have wounded my sister, I won’t be leaving you guys now. Tanu beams. The morning, and Ayaan is available.

Tanu approaches him. She is told to leave by him. She claims that although she has no right to speak, she cannot keep anything from you because Ruhaan contacted her yesterday to inquire about Faltu. What did he ask, he queries. Hear the recording, she requests.

After hearing Ruhaan lie about Faltu and his affair, Ayaan becomes enraged. Tanu claims that because of my change, I have come to you. Faltu cannot do this, according to Ayaan; this is a falsehood. He obtains the video of Faltu and Ruhaan.

He’s startled. She queries what transpired and urges you to be composed and courageous.

He leaves. Tanu claims, “Faltu, your relationship will end now and you will yearn for Ayaan,” saying “I used Ruhaan’s voice and made this fake audio.” Faltu claims that Ayaan would have awakened by now and would have learned about Ruhaan if he had arrived and inquired about the latter. Amar claims that today’s meal was everyone’s favorite.

When Ayaan arrives, he requests breakfast. Faltu requests, “Please take me along with you.” On Amar, Ayaan yells. Amar apologizes. Faltu queries what occurred. Don’t touch me with those hands that you used to touch Ruhaan, Ayaan commands.

What are you saying, she queries. He tells her enough, don’t act foolish, I’m not a fool, you might have had a good time with Ruhaan, and he asks when she returned home. What nonsense? I left you a note, she queries. Really, another lie, amazing, Faltu, he inquires.

I wrote you a note, she claims. How could I not get it, Ayaan queries. He chastises her. He invites Govind and Janardhan to join him. Kanika wants Tanu to arrive quickly. No, says Tanu, I have to stand by the family to win them over.

Otherwise, they’ll assume I’m on your side. I’m nervous, Kanika confesses, and I need your support.Tanu says, “I’m always with you. Please try to comprehend why I must be here.” Canika leaves. Kanika and Sid arrive at the court. She is questioned by the media. She claims that I will testify in court. They go away. The lawyer is thanked by Sid.

Yes, Janardhan responds, and he appreciates the help. Ayaan asserts that no one can take away our rights and that as I promised, I will reclaim our home and business. media appears. Ayaan declares that we are grateful for the justice received from the court, the return of our home and business, and our happiness. Ayaan embraces Janardhan.

Govind says it’s time for dessert. He makes a phone order for candy. Ruhaan shows up. Ayaan becomes irate.

Precap: Kanika is taken into custody. Tanu implores Ayaan. Kanika will be made to pay for her wrongdoing, according to Ayaan. Tanu becomes irate and threatens to make everyone pay for this.

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