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Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in

At the beginning of the episode, Ayaan tells Faltu to play well and not get scared. Faltu tells him to hurry up and leave. He asks, “Why are you sending me to the office? Just chill out, don’t worry about me, and don’t put pressure on me. I’m here to help you, not judge you. Go play well.” Shanaya hugs her. The reporters do a chat with Ruhaan. Ruhaan says, “I’m here to help my sister.” He tells Ayaan, “I got the letter, so you must be interested in the cricket match now.” He calls Faltu over so they can talk. Ayaan looks on furiously.

Ruhaan takes Faltu’s hand and asks if everything is okay. Shanaya shows Faltu the picture of the necklace and says, “Ruhaan gave this to Faltu, but she wouldn’t take it. Maybe she didn’t like it. What kind of jewellery does she like? Ruhaan tells Faltu to be careful and to keep their plan secret. He tells her so. Ruhaan cares for Shanaya. He brings her with him.

Ayaan wants to know what he did to you. Faltu says that he asked me to look after Shanaya by mistake. Ayaan hugs her. He hopes the best for her. He says that today we will be happy for you because you won. Tanu tells the reporters where the story is going.

The reports say that Faltu was caught in the act. Coach tells Shanaya to hurry up and get ready. Shanaya goes to use the toilet. She tells me I can’t fail. Faltu tells you to put on the mask, go sit in the crowd, and come back here when he comes. She goes to the toilet and prays. Ayaan thinks that something is wrong. He sees Ruhaan. Coach tells the girls to do the best they can. He is shocked to hear that Faltu will play under the name Shanaya.

No, she can’t lie to me, he says. Faltu is caught by the press. Ayaan sees her and says that everything will end if she is Faltu. They tell Shanaya to take off her mask. Ayaan thinks he should check it out. Shanaya’s coach says she has an allergy, so she should wear a mask. Reporter: We heard that Faltu is playing the role of Shanaya. Faltu gets tense. The coach says, “What’s this? Let’s go.” We want to see her face, the reporters say.

Ayaan says, “Sachin has come to see trials.” The media rush to catch up with Sachin. Ayaan takes Faltu with him. They try to find Shanaya. Shanaya returns. Shanaya is asked to take off the mask. Shanaya’s mask is taken off so the woman can see her. Ayaan and Faltu hide. He remembers outing Faltu. He asks where Shanaya is and tells her to come here. Faltu calls Shanaya. He tells you to put on your mask and stand outside.

The media ask Shanaya questions and want to know where Faltu is. Ruhaan shows up and talks to them. Shanaya and Ruhaan lie. Faltu goes there and says, “I’m here, what’s the problem?” She tells them a lie. The reporter says that we will see Shanaya playing. We heard that she hurt her hand and can’t play, but now we’ll know the truth.

The head of the school is angry with Faltu and Shanaya. Coach says Shanaya has shown herself to be good on the pitch. I had seen her move her wrist in an odd way, but she didn’t say anything. Ruhaan protects Shanaya.

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The man tells Faltu that he should not cheat. Ayaan gets upset. He gets Faltu to take his hand away. Shanaya tells me my hand is fine when she is lying. The man says, “That’s good, we’ll check.” Ruhaan says that she won’t do any kind of physical test. The man says she has to take the test because the media is waiting for the answer and won’t agree until they see Shanaya play. He checks by holding Shanaya’s hand.

Shanaya is yelling. Ruhaan tells her to go away. He hugs Shanaya. The man says that you said your hand was fine, and if you lie about that, it could ruin your job. He tells the teacher to write them a letter telling them they are fired. Ruhaan says no, media has seen Shanaya. He asks Ayaan to say something. Ayaan says I don’t know anything. The man says that lying to the media is our only choice.

Before the end, Ayaan brings Faltu home and breaks her bat because she is mad. Faltu asks you not to do this. Ayaan sets fire to the bat. He says that I should stop playing cricket with us forever.

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