Faltu Written Update

Faltu 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 17th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

Faltu stops the car driver to start the episode. She says that you must help me. He says he will and goes to help Neil up. Neil is taken to the hospital by them. She says I’ll take him home so his family can meet him. The driver tells her to keep her calm. She says he’s not one of her patients. Neil gets up and jokes. She says that you are aware. He says that’s how all the girls are.

She says that you are doing this to get back at me, so sit up straight. She asks if he’s all right. Tanu and Sid get Ayaan something to eat. Ayaan refuses. He is asked to eat something by Sid. She says that you have a high fever and need to eat or you’ll get sick. She tells Sid to tell Ayaan that it’s time to eat.

I’ll call the doctor, she says. Ayaan says, “No, I’m good.” He gets his food from Sid. Sid is asked by Ayaan to go to a meeting. Sid says I’ll come to you and tell you what’s going on. Ayaan tells him, “I don’t need it. I trust you. You’ll do the right thing. I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Neil is taken to the hospital by Faltu, who asks the doctor to check on him. The doctor says he’s having trouble breathing, so take him to the emergency room and we’ll do his tests. If you’re his cousin or girlfriend, you’ll need to pay for his tests in advance.

She says, “I don’t have money, I found him on the road and took him.” He wants her to talk to his family for him. She tells me to check my phone and call them, and that she will go.

He says no, because his family will question me and the cops will be involved. She says that I just gave him help. She says that there are some rules and that she will try to get in touch with his family. She is anxious. She says that I forgot to talk to my dad and that he is probably at Ayaan’s.

Sid asks Ayaan to take rest. He says, “Just go on, I can’t see you like this, you are very important to us and our business.” Tanu says you shouldn’t ruin your life for Faltu, and Charan says he will send the divorce papers. Ayaan cries. Sid says that you also said you were getting a divorce.

Tanu says yes, but Ayaan was angry. Charan should have thought about it. I think he is happy to see Faltu and Ruhaan together, so he is supporting her. Ayaan says I will sign the papers. I think the nurse says the person is sick because of food.

Neil goes to the doctor. The nurse says, “I got his phone, but I don’t see his wallet.” Doctor is going to tell Faltu this. He tells us that his phone is locked and that we can’t help him without money. She says, “You called the police, so they’ll help.

He was partying, and he’s rich. Start treating him, keep my bracelets, and treat him. When his family comes, you’ll give them back.” He says, “Let it go; we’ll take care of him.” Tanu asks Ayaan to think well.

Ayaan says, “I’ve made up my mind, I’ll sign the papers, and you can leave me alone for a while.” Tanu and Sid say goodbye. She says, “I’ll take care of Ayaan. I’d give my life for him now that he’s family.” Sid goes. She says I’ll have a chance to get to know Ayaan better.

Inspector questions Faltu. She says, “I found him unconscious and took him in order to help people. Do your job and find out who his parents are.” He says he’s sorry, but you took him from a place where bad things happen. Thanks for taking him, he says.

The nurse says that the patient’s father called and I told him everything. He wants to see the girl who brought him here. Tanu gets a hug from Ayaan. He says, “I had a bad dream. Please keep me here with you.” She says, “Of course, you can stay here. I’ll be here with you.” They are holding hands. They become friends. She wakes up and says, “Ayaan, it was just a dream.”

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Faltu 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

She goes to Ayaan’s house. She sees Ayaan sleeping. Faltu talks to Neils’ Dada ji. Dada ji asks me if my child is all right. Faltu says that he is sick from eating bad food. He asks how you know him and if you know him at all.

She says, “No, I didn’t know him before today.” She reveals everything to him. He says, “Oh, so he didn’t pick up when I called. If this guy keeps going missing like this, I’ll have a heart attack.” He asks the name of the hospital. She says, “Treatment hospital, come quickly. The doctor wants money, but I don’t have any.

Try to understand, I have to go.” He says, “I just moved to Mumbai, and I need some time to get to Nasik. Please put the phone on speaker.” He tells Doctor something. He says, “I’m Brij Mohan Bharadwaj, and I own the Bharat juice company.

Please take care of my grandson, and I’ll send you the money.” Faltu thinks his grandfather, Dada ji, is very nice. Dada ji says to stay there until he starts treatment. The nurse tells the doctor to hurry because the patient is throwing up blood. Faltu prays.

Neil asks Faltu if he wants to come with him. Ayaan is asked to sign the papers by Savita. The papers are signed by Ayaan. Tanu laughs.

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