Faltu Written Update

Faltu 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Faltu for June 16, 2023, available at TellyUpdate.in.

Faltu Written Update

Dadi yells “fire” to start the episode. Ayaan and Faltu rush to see. Tanu counts, and then he goes to help Dadi. She says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Dadi calls Faltu and Ayaan with a shout. Tanu is able to put the fire out. She gives Dadi a hug and tells her to relax.

She brings Dadi along. Come, Ayaan and everyone. Dadi says that there was a fire in the room and Tanu saved me. Tanu says, “I saw smoke coming out of her room and heard Dadi screaming.” Faltu and Ayaan ask Tanu how the fire got so close to them. Tanu says, “I’m not sure.” Amar says she asked me for candles; perhaps one of them fell. Sumitra says that Tanu got there on time, thank God. Amar is asked to clean the room by Savita.

Tanu, your hand got burned, says Sid. Tanu says that I’m okay. Sid tells Sumitra that he needs ice. He tells her off and looks after her. Faltu says, “I’ll put on the balm.” Tanu says to get Dadi to the doctor. Ayaan says that the doctor will also check on Tanisha and Dadi.

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Faltu says, “I’ll put the salve on your wound to help you feel better.” Sumitra says that Tanu put her life in danger to help Dadi. She wants to know why you jumped into the fire. Ayaan thanks Tanu. Janardhan also wants to say thanks.

Tanu says, “I love Dadi, look after her for me.” She smiles and goes. She says that you have to lose something to gain something, that I’ve already made a place for myself in my family’s hearts, that Faltu will make everyone’s faces dirty, and that Ayaan will hate you and won’t be yours. Faltu says, “I want to be honest with you.” He tells her to tell him.

She says I’m having a bad day. When he asks her to do her best, she has a big chance to do so. She believes that Ayaan has a lot of hopes for me. He tells her to weigh herself. He says that your weight is the same, which is great, and that you should focus on your game. Shanaya is very good, and I thought her injury was fine. Faltu says that they do, in fact, have big doctors.

He says, “I don’t know what Ruhaan wants from us. Shanaya is trying to make a name for herself, and I’m proud of her.” She believes I’m in on this lie. He thinks you’ll soon hear something good. He says that you always worry. She tells Dadi that I’m worried about him. She gets a call from Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets mad and talks to his boss and lawyer. He says, “How can he drag us? He didn’t see my power. He has proof. He isn’t a fool.

Call Kanika and find out if she got a court notice and how she plans to handle it. I can’t lose the business and take a big loss.” They go away. Ruhaan says that Ayaan would have told Faltu everything, and that Faltu might not have played for Shanaya because of that. Shanaya comes up and says, “Tell me how things are going.” He says that you look beautiful today. She says that this is our last game for state trials selection, so please hope that everything goes well. Faltu is coming, so if anything goes wrong, who will play for me? Ruhaan wonders why Ayaan didn’t tell her about the situation. She says, “Come to the game with me.”

He tells you to go tell me, and he tells you not to keep anything from me. She nods and gives him a hug. He goes. He told me I had to meet Faltu because she might be playing a game with me, in which case I would ruin her life.

Ayaan says, “I’ll come along.” Faltu tells him to go to the office. He says that this game is important, that the selectors will be there, that this school is big, that the media will be there, and that you will lose focus. She says you don’t have to leave work to watch the game because you can see it from your office. He wants to know what’s wrong. Faltu says Tanu is fine.

The doctor said she will be fine, and she saved Dadi’s life. Kanika says, “I found out, but everyone gets it wrong, and she didn’t find happiness here.” She asks Ayaan if he thinks he will file the case and get his house and business back. She tells Ayaan off. Sumitra asks when did you come, Kanika. Kanika says I came to meet Tanu.

You won’t get anything, and you’ll lose everything. Be smart.” Ayaan says, “You worry about yourself and Tanu, but I’m there for my family.” Kanika goes. Kinshuk asks if you took any legal action. Faltu wants to know if everything will be returned. Ayaan says to forget all this and just think about cricket. She thinks that Shanaya will lose all hope and refuse to play for her.

No one should know that he says Kinshuk. Kanika, Sumitra tells her, you’ll get caught, but Sid and I won’t be hurt, right? Sumitra says that Ruhaan won’t give all of Ayaan’s things back. Kanika asks where is Tanu. Sumitra says that she went to work, doesn’t listen to me, is trying hard to win over the family, and saved Dadi. Kanika thinks Tanu is thinking about something.

Faltu is going to play Shanaya in the play. They ask her questions. They see Shanaya. Ayaan brings Faltu along and talks to her. She sobs.

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