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Faltu 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 16th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update:

Faltu starts the episode by going to the house to scold the people there. She is teased by the girl. Faltu argues and says that since the lights are out, it’s time to party. The girl says that Neil will come in now because the party has just started. Faltu sees Neil dancing. Sirk ek baar kiya to…plays… Faltu makes the music stop. Neil sees Faltu. In her room, Tanu dances. Sid looks on.

She says, “I’m glad we got Ayaan back. He got to know the truth about Faltu. Take care of business and give Ayaan a break. I’ll help him get over this.” Sid says I trust you, I will get busy in work. She says, “I’ll take care of the work at home, clean up, and come. I’ll talk to Charan, and then I’ll come.” She’s going. He ponders.

She tells me that I will send Charan to the village. Neil talks to Faltu, and when he hears her name, he laughs. He says, “You mean useless.” I told him, “No, you can’t be useless. You’re cute, and your clothes are different. That’s a good way to get my attention. I’ll get you some good-quality brand-name clothes.” She gets a dress from him. The clothes are thrown.

She tells me I come from a good family. Neil jokes. The girls are happy. Neil asks, “Tell me why you’re at my party.” The trash is what she throws at him. He is surprised. Charan calls Jamuna and talks to her.

Tanu comes. She talks to him about Ayaan. She says you can get Faltu to sign the divorce forms and then go back to your village. Charan says you don’t need to get involved in their lives. He says you should just stay cool until Faltu returns. Tanu says there’s no point in dragging this out because Ayaan and Faltu have already decided what to do, so let’s just end this. He asks why you care about their breakup.

Faltu says, “I was outside taking a break, but you put trash on me and invited me to come in, so I did. How did you like it?” He says that he liked it, loved it, and that he likes wild cats. She says, “Just say you’re sorry and let it go.” He asks, “Will you say sorry to a girl?”

I know you came to the party to have fun, and this trash was just an excuse. It’s okay, enjoy the party, and music will play until then. She says that your party won’t begin until you apologise. He plugs in the stereo. She gets a stick and uses it to break the music system. They disagree.

One can hear the police sound. Girls are running. Neil asks Faltu to run. She wants to know what’s going on. Tanu says, “I want to stop working. I’m happy with Sid, and I was trying to clear up their confusions. Do what you want.” She’s going. Charan tells Faltu to just go back and tell everyone the truth. Faltu told me I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Neil says, “Who will tell the police about this? Come with me.” She tells him off.

He says that Dada ji is upset about the parties I throw. She says that you have too much. He says that my family is also nice. She says that’s clear. He goes out. Faltu comes to Ayaan’s mind. His hand hurts. Tanu comes to worry about him. He tells her to leave.

Faltu asks Neil not to joke and get up. She looks at him. She tries to find Neil help. She says we need to take him to the hospital. The man sees Neil and says, “I don’t want to deal with this. Thieves these days are smart. You can rob me on the way.” He goes.

Tanu tells Faltu that he shouldn’t ruin his life for him, and Charan gets divorce papers. Ayaan says I will sign it. The inspector asks Faltu how he knows that person.

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