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Faltu 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Faltu and Shanaya’s teacher tells them to keep up the good work. He tells them to do their best at the state trials. Tanu goes there to watch. Shanaya’s coach tells her to move her hand. Tanu says that her wrist still hurts. Why doesn’t she say anything? He tells Shanaya to come with him to bat. Shanaya says okay, I will go to bathroom and come.

Tanu sees Faltu running after Shanaya and asks her why. Faltu gets dressed and goes outside to play. Faltu is the reason Ayaan goes there.

She says she’ll be thrilled to see me. Faltu is a band. Tanu asks her why she was wearing the mask and how she was able to play so well with her hurt hand. The coach says, “Well done.” She asks where Tanu is and why she hasn’t come until now. She goes to find out.”

Shanaya’s coach says, “Great shot!” Ayaan asks, “How can she be Shanaya? She has a great shot, but her batting style is the same as Faltu’s. How can this be? There, she sees Faltu’s t-shirt.

Ayaan wants to know where Faltu is. Coach asks Faltu where he is. She says that Faltu is playing instead of Shanaya, and that Sumitra was right. Does Ayaan know? No, he would never have let her do this. Faltu will play.

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The coach asks where you go and tells you to focus on the game because there are tests coming up. You and Shanaya will bat together. She says no, I m okay playing at 4th place. Ayaan asks her why she’s saying this when we’ve always worked on opening. Coach says, “I’ll decide You take my place.” Ayaan watches Faltu and wonders why he looks so tired. He goes to meet her. She is surprised to see him. She wants to know when you came.

He says that you should have told him you were glad to see him, which is so unromantic. She gives him a hug and says, “I’m glad you’re here, but when did you get here?” Shanaya is happy to see them. Ayaan says that you did well, but that Shanaya did better.

Shanaya tells them lies. She says, “I’ll meet Ruhaan and come.” Faltu and Ayaan leave. Tanu comes home. If Ayaan isn’t mine, he won’t be yours.” Ayaan and Faltu go to their house. He asks what’s going on. She says you look happy. He says, “Yes, I think I can fix everything.” She says that you also said this on call.

I’m always with you, so don’t worry.” He gets a hug.Then maybe it will be easy for me to win over the family.” She is happy. She asks Amar ji who asked for these lights when she sees him. He says, “I’ll give this to Dadi because she likes scented candles.” Tanu looks on.

Dadi falls asleep. The candles are put on the ground by Tanu. She goes away. Ayaan tells Janardhan to read the papers and sign them. We will fight Kanika and get our house and business back. Janardhan says that you’ve done a big thing, and I’m very happy about that. Ayaan says, “Just sign the papers. I have to be with Faltu tomorrow.

If she does her best, she could make the state team if she works hard.” Don’t worry, says Janardhan. When Dadi wakes up, he notices the fire. She yells. Tanu laughs.

Faltu says, “I’m sorry, but I have to tell you the truth.” Ayaan asks what. Tanu says that you’ll get everyone dirty, so Ayaan won’t be yours.

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