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Faltu 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 15th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Faltu Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Faltu sees Ayaan, Sid, and Tanu standing at the door. Tanu laughs. Ayaan gets angry and goes. Tanu gives him a hug and tells him to relax. Faltu says you will never get me, Ruhaan. She goes outside to listen to Ayaan.

Ayaan says, “I thought I misunderstood Faltu, but I was wrong. She’s a gold digger, and she never deserved my love.

She’s also trying to woo Ruhaan right now.” Faltu thinks that Ayaan didn’t change, so it’s good that we’re no longer together. Today was my last chance. Ayaan says I can’t stay here. He goes. Faltu cries. Tanu gets happy.

Janardhan asks Ayaan why he is going home alone when he is already there with Faltu. Dadi says that I wish they would stop arguing, but I don’t think that’s true.

Charan asks Ayaan why he is going back by himself. He wants to know why Sid and Tanu told him they were going. Savita says that we had no idea. He tells me that I can’t wait any longer; I have to go to Faltu.

Janardhan says, “Let the kids come back, and then we’ll go. She’s not less than my daughter.” Charan asks Ayaan how he can leave Faltu alone, saying, “I won’t forgive any of you.” Sumitra says Tanu called and said Faltu is with Ruhaan, so she didn’t come back with Ayaan.

Tanu told her to move on and let Ayaan move on. Charan says that they met Ruhaan and that he told them that Faltu was never there. Sumitra says to talk to Ruhaan and figure out what’s going on. Charan says call Ruhaan and make me talk.

Janardhan says calm down. Savita thinks it would hurt Ayaan to see Faltu with Ruhaan. Dadi asks Ruhaan how he knew this. Savita says that she would have gone to visit Ruhaan for the holidays, but I want Faltu back. Charan says, “I know Faltu will never be able to do this.”

Sid, Tanu, and Ayaan are on their way. Ayaan cries. He is held by Tanu. Sid gets upset. He tells Tanu, “You shouldn’t have said this at home, because Charan is there, too.” She says that everyone was calling us, so Faltu decided to start over.

Ayaan says, “I’ll tell Charan the truth about Faltu.” Charan calls Ruhaan. ‘Are you with Faltu?’ he asks. Ruhaan says yes. Charan says I have to go there and ask her what she’s doing there and if I want to ruin her life. Ruhaan says, “I came here to take her home, but she didn’t even talk to me. She left, and now everyone is looking for her.”

Janardhan asks what did Ruhaan say. Charan says that Faltu didn’t call Ruhaan, he just went where he wanted to go. Ayaan misread Faltu, so he left her there, and you didn’t think of her as your daughter. Sid, Tanu, and Ayaan come. Tanu says that if she wants to come with us, we’ll find her. Faltu is crying and running down the road.

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Charan says Faltu isn’t at the ashram, and when I asked Ruhaan about him, she didn’t know anything about him. Sid says that we saw Faltu and Ruhaan together. He asks Ayaan what happened. Ayaan starts to cry and asks what he should say about how his daughter has no personality. Janardhan yells Ayaan.

Ayaan tells Charan that he should know about Faltu because he is proud of her. Faltu says that even ashram has been left behind. She moves. Ayaan says it’s hard to believe, that Ruhaan and Faltu have tricked you, that girls from good families don’t hang out with men, that we also have daughters, that only hopeless girls would do something like that, and that you have her name correct. Charan hits him and yells at him.

Charan says that you have shown your truth, so Faltu didn’t want to stay with you because she knows who you really are and no self-confident woman would want to stay with a husband who doesn’t believe her. Ayaan says, “Beat me more.

The truth won’t change, and neither will her character. Our relationship is over forever.” I found out the truth about her, and I felt like I was doing something wrong. Now I’m sure. Everyone should be happy, he says.

He says that Faltu and Ruhaan’s marriage licence will arrive soon, but we are still not separated. Faltu walks in front of a car. He tells her off. She moves. She takes a break by sitting on a bench. Ayaan tells Sid that she wants to get a divorce.

He says, “I’ll sign it because I don’t want to get in the way of her happiness.” Dadi tells him to get his head on straight. Ayaan says, “I’ve given up all hope, and you should do the same. Faltu has caught a rich man, and since she doesn’t have any family, she will enjoy being there.”

Tanu wonders where Faltu went when she didn’t go with Ruhaan and what she’s up to. Faltu falls asleep. She gets trash thrown at her. She stands up and yells at them. She says, “I’ll teach you a lesson.” She takes out the garbage.

Precap: Faltu goes and sees a guy dancing on Ek baar kiya to pyaar kya kiya song.

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