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Faltu 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 13th June 2023, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Faltu Written Update

Do you intend to harm me? The episode opens with Faltu questions. He declines and suggests she ask the property owner to have her family leave. This is also included in the package. She warns you against harming my family. I’m a businessman, and my profit and loss are all that matter, he claims. Consider that, then let me know the results tomorrow. Faltu moves on. Each person searches for Faltu.

Shanaya asks, “What? Is she not at home? I fell asleep. I don’t know where she went. I’ll ask Ruhaan to find her.” Savita says there’s no need to bring a third party into our family business. Janardhan comes and tells me that I can’t sleep because Faltu is lost. Sumitra says, “I told you there was a problem.” Faltu approaches the car. The driver says your phone has been ringing for a long time. She asks what she should say to the family.

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People worry about Faltu. When Ayaan calls Savita, he wants to know where Faltu is. She says she’s not at home, but she never acts that way. Ayaan says I’ve already talked to her, and now she won’t answer my call. When Faltu gets home, everyone is upset. Shanaya says thank God, you have come. Ayaan asks Faltu, “Where were you?” I was so nervous. Faltu tells him a lie. She says that I met up with my friends. Janardhan says that since you are our wife, you shouldn’t go out at night. Sumitra says she is lying. Sid tells her to shut up.

Faltu claims I went there to send the money to my father. “Why do I think you’re lying?” inquires Ayaan.Why would I lie when I have money on me, she wonders. Savita says that she is right, that she has come home, so Ayaan can rest. Savita says that you could have told me about the trouble with the money.

Faltu says no, we have enough problems already. Ruhaan sees the chain and says, “I promised Faltu she would wear it. I don’t like it when people say no.” Tanu hears Shanaya and Faltu talking. Shanaya says you went to see Ruhaan. I know this because Daima called me and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Faltu tells her to go sleep. She asks Shanaya to refrain from speaking out loud. Tanu asks her what’s going on and what she’s saying.

Sumitra comes. Shanaya asks Ruhaan about the necklace he gave her. Sumitra says that you’re also interested in what they’re talking about. She says, “Thank God you’re normal. I thought you’d take Sanyaas.” Tanu says that’s not right, so come with me. Shanaya says, “I got you that necklace.” Faltu says that I turned it down.

Shanaya asks why. Faltu says that it’s wrong to take gifts from you and Ruhaan. He says, “I’m helpless, and we’re using our money and power by doing this.” Shanaya says, “You said you’d help me, and now you’re here. I want my dream to come true.” She tries to hurt Faltu.

Faltu sits and weeps. Ayaan meets the boss of the company. The man says that I went to my village for a few days and didn’t know what was going on with me. He says that when I got back, everyone told me that what Kanika did was wrong.

Ayaan says what can we do. We can accomplish a lot, the man says. You may reclaim your home and business. Your company helped me a lot, and now it’s my turn to help you.” Ayaan says, “I tried a lot, but I couldn’t get the business back.” The man says that there is a way, that he can help, that you can take this case to court, and that he will show that Kanika sold the business in the wrong way. Ayaan asks if there is any evidence. The man says there is proof in this file.

He says that Kanika is very smart because she took out the loan in your dad’s name. You can reclaim the home and business from Ruhaan if you read this file. Ayaan asks why you didn’t come sooner, since we’ve been through a lot. The man says that I’ve been putting these papers together until now.

Ayaan thanks him. He says that I should give the papers to my boss. The man says I can come to court to say something. Ayaan tells him to be careful because this shouldn’t be told to anyone. The man tells him to relax. Ayaan is glad that God sent help. He says that Faltu will be so happy that he will go crazy. He says that he will first make a good case and then tell Faltu that Ruhaan has to give everything back.


Tanu sees Faltu playing. She gets into a fight with Shanaya. She asks who is using Shanaya’s name if she is here. She sees Faltu.

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