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Faltu 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Episode 13th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Update

Faltu Written Update:

At the beginning of the episode, Ayaan asks the woman if she is okay. She says, “Yes, I’m glad you saved my life.” Shashank says, “Jai Mahadev, I was looking for you. The person who was playing Shiv ji got hurt, so I want you to be Shiv ji.”

Ayaan wants to know how he can play the part. Shashank says Shiv ji picked you. Guru ji says that it doesn’t hurt to try. Ayaan agrees. Shashank tells him to come to Parvati ji’s house to practice. Ayaan goes.

Charan talks to Jamuna and tells her that Ruhaan said he didn’t know about Faltu and that Ayaan is at an ashram. He also says, “I hope they come home and stay together.” Tanu comes. Charan says that sending her here was a mistake on my part.

She thinks that you should have stopped her when you first saw her, because then I would have been happy with Ayaan. Shashank says, “That’s weird, Shiva and Parvati switched places. Come meet Parvati.” Ayaan looks on.

Tanu says that Ayaan has charged Faltu, and that Faltu is strong. I told Ayaan everything, but he doesn’t believe me. He said we were lying, and he doesn’t trust Faltu. He said he will come back and give Faltu a divorce. What?, he asks.

She says that Faltu is like my sister and that he never cared about relationships, so she is glad to leave Ayaan and get a husband like Sid who cares about her. He says prayers for Faltu. The girl says that Parvati ji went to fix her outfit, but don’t worry, she still knows her lines. Shashank asks Ayaan to help him run through the steps.

The lines were read by Ayaan and Faltu. Sid says we will go on dinner. Tanu says that everyone at home is worried, which isn’t a good sign. Sid says, “Go get ready, because my friends are coming too.” She thinks I am worried about Ayaan and Faltu. She says, “Try to understand, going out won’t look good.” Sid says, “I asked Janardhan’s permission, and he’s glad that we’re putting our lives first. Get ready, and come soon.” Tanu watches the video of Faltu and then calls the boss.

He tells her, “I helped you, so don’t tell Ruhaan.” She asks Ruhaan if he knows anything about it. He replies that he did go to the ashram. Faltu goes over his lines. Ayaan stops as he walks by.

He rings the bell. Tanu calls Ruhaan. Ruhaan is coming. If Faltu and Ayaan are at the same retreat, says Ayaan, I shouldn’t talk to Faltu. Instead, I should talk to Ruhaan. Shashank tells Ayaan to go try on the outfit, meet Parvati ji on the stage, and come. Ayaan goes. Faltu is asked to come by a woman. Faltu wants to know if they found a new Shiv ji.

The woman says that he did go get his outfit. Sid says that if we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the movie. Tanu says, “I was thinking about going away for a few days, to a place like Nasik, where we would feel good.” Sid asks you when you’d like to leave. She says that we’ll meet Ayaan there right now. He says that you want to go there to meet Ayaan, not to spend time with me.

She says, “I mean, he’d be around, we’d see him, and you know how his mind is.” Sid says, “I’ll go wherever you want.” She says, “That’s cool, we’ll tell the family when we get home.” He says as you say.

Guru ji says the aarti will be the first thing we do. Faltu and Ayaan are getting ready for the play. Savita says Ayaan is a kid, I want to see him. Tanu says there’s no reason to go anywhere. Charan says, “I’ll come with you, too. I’m coming from the police station.” Tanu fears. Faltu says I didn’t train with new Shiv ji. The woman says, “When he’s ready, I’ll call you.” Shashank says aarti is going on. Faltu says, “I’ll be there for aarti.”

He tells Faltu not to come out because if he does, the surprise won’t work. Ayaan goes over his lines again. Harsh says that Janardhan is coming home and wants to talk to everyone. He told everyone not to go out. Tanu says that Sid and I will take Ayaan home, and that we will be back soon. They go away.

Ruhaan visits the ashram, where he meets Guru ji. The lady says that it’s time for the play to start. Guru ji says okay, give aarti to everyone. Sid says it will be very bad if anyone finds us in Nasik. Tanu says that our long love trip will turn into a trip for the whole family, so come with me. Faltu and Ayaan come to see the play.

Faltu starts to cry and thinks about Ayaan. A guy is seen moving.

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