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Faltu 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu Written Update

Faltu says at the beginning of the episode, “I never thought I would have to hide the sindoor again.” She puts on a new t-shirt. She tells Shanaya to make up a lie about her. She goes outside to play and thinks about what Ruhaan and Ayaan said. She thinks I can’t do anything else. She’s a good player. Shanaya’s coach cheers her on.

Shanaya watches her play and thinks she does a great job. The coach says, “Good job! Take off the helmet and black mask and go get some fresh air.” He asks Faltu where he is. Shanaya gives Faltu a hug and tells him, “You did a great job.” Faltu tells her to leave. She tells her how she should answer. Shanaya says, “I used to play cricket, but I got hurt and can’t play anymore.” You act like you don’t believe her. They get back home.

Faltu tells Shanaya that everything will fall apart if she tells anyone. Shanaya asks her to relax. Sumitra can see them. Faltu says that you should stay home. “No, I want to spend time with you,” replies Shanaya. This is also my house; Ruhaan bought it for me.” Faltu says, “That’s fine, I’m tense.” Shanaya says, “No, I won’t tell anyone, I promise. Come, I’m hungry and exhausted. Sumitra is interested in learning the truth. Faltu goes behind Ruhaan’s back to meet him. Sid tells Tanu to relax. She says that putting a bag of money for Janardhan will help. He says that the thought is terrible, but if we are patient and remember that time heals all wounds, he will forgive us.

Sumitra meets them there. Faltu goes to Ruhaan’s home and tells him to come outside. She sees the wine and the flowers. He asks how her day went. He tells you to tick the box and tell him how you felt about it. When she sees the necklace, she doesn’t take it. I have heard Sumitra say that Faltu is making plans to hurt us. She’ll say anything.

Faltu asks Shanaya if this is for her. Ruhaan says, “It’s for you. You help my sister a lot, so I wanted to do something for you.” He offers her some water. She tells you, “I can’t take it anymore, I need to talk to you.” She won’t drink the drink. She says, “Try to understand, I’m busy, it’s important, listen to me.” He tells her to tell him. She tells him, “I’m sorry, but I can’t lie to my family and the rest of the world every day.” Tanu says that we all know Faltu isn’t a girl, so stop messing with her life. Sid smiles and says, “I want to work on improving how I look.” Sumitra says, “Fine, you’ll have to listen to me one day.”

Sid tells you, “I’m so proud of you, you’ve changed a lot, and I love you.” She gets a hug. Ayaan says that Faltu forgot about me because she didn’t call or text me, and she didn’t tell me about the first day at school. He speaks to her. She forgot her phone in the car. He is anxious. He calls Savita to find out how everyone is doing at home.

Everyone is fine, she says. Janardhan tells Ayaan not to worry and to hurry back home. Ayaan says, “When the work is done, I’ll come back.” He asks Savita about Faltu. She says that I should go see her. He says that she doesn’t talk to anyone about her problems. Kinshuk says that Faltu is not at home. Savita wants to know where she went. Ruhaan asks you why you agreed to the deal if you knew it would be hard.Faltu says, “Trust me, I didn’t think much. I wanted to help Shanaya, but I can’t. We’ll give you your money back.” He says, “Okay, we’ll drop the deal.” She thinks that he quickly agreed. She says thank you. He makes her feel bad about Ayaan. She’s surprised.


Shanaya queries why you deceived them by going to meet Ruhaan. Tanu overhears Shanaya and Faltu conversing.

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