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Anupama 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 9th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Shahs hear about what happened to Little Anu/CA. Kavya wants to know how CA passed out. Leela says she called Anupama because she knew Anuj couldn’t handle it on his own. Toshu says that Anuj made a mistake by calling Anupama there. Kinjal says that Anupama was called there by Pakhi. Leela says only Anupama can handle CA. Vanraj says that Anuj took CA in and left Anupama.

If Anuj had taken care of CA, this wouldn’t have happened. Kinjal says that they called Anupama for all of their problems, too. Vanraj says that both the Shahs and the Kapadias made mistakes, and now they should realize that Anupama also has a life.

Anupama should be selfish and think about herself. Leela says that a mom will always think about her child. Dimpy says that we should talk about it in the morning and go to bed for now. Kinjal says who will sleep in this situation. Dimpy thinks that they should all do jagrata for the rest of the night.

Vanraj tells Kavya that Anuj is calling Anupama’s home in California over and over on purpose to keep her from going to the US. He knows this because he has always done the same thing. Anuj is mentally blackmailing Anupama and won’t let her go this time.

Anuj begs Anupama to do something to get CA’s attention. Ankush says Anupama can do anything. Dimpy calls Barkha and asks if CA is really sick. Anupama is here, so how does she know? Dimpy says Pakhi called and said that Anupama won’t go to the US this time, either. Barkha tells her that she will talk to her later and hangs up. Anupama sings CA a song and asks God to heal her bebli. CA gives her a handshake. Anuj tells Anupama.

Anupama goes on foot to her bebli. CA opens her eyes and says, “Maa!” Anupama says that she is there with her right now. Barkha says that based on the way CA is looking at Anupama, it seems like she heard what they were talking about.

Anupama brings CA oatmeal and milk and feeds her while singing another song. CA makes a strange face. Pakhi makes a film and sends it to Shahs. Leela says that the woman told her that only a mother can take care of her child. The two of them fall asleep together. When she wakes up in the morning, Anuj is sleeping with her hand in his. Anuj tells her he appreciates how she handled CA and tells her to go clean up while he stays with CA.

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Anupama 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Gurumaa drives Nakul to Gurukul in her car and tells him that Anupama must get to the United States no matter what because her money and reputation are at stake. She speaks with Anupama. Anuj keeps hanging up on her caller. Gurumaa gets angry.

Later, Anuj answers the phone and says that Anu is in the bathroom. Gurumaa asks her why she didn’t answer her call last night and turned it down now. She says that she knows her husband will try to stop her from going to the U.S., but she can’t stop at any cost because she has a flight early tomorrow morning.

She should go to gurukul right away. When Anupama comes back from the bathroom, she asks whose phone it was. He gives her phone back. She hears Gurumaa calling and asks the person who answered what Gurumaa said. Anuj says what she has to say and tells Anupama that she should go to the US and not worry about CA because he will take care of her.

She says she is ready to go home. Anuj tells her not to come back because it would be hard for CA to deal with her leaving. Anupama asks CA if she can hang out with him for a while. He says no. In the background, the Tu Meri Zindagi Hai.. song plays. They’re both sad to see each other go. Anuj thinks he won’t do what Anupama’s family did for years and won’t stand in the way of her success.

Gurumaa tells Anupama that when the sky calls them, the earth tries to pull them down. Anupama now has to decide between the sky and the earth. Nakul tells Anupama that they only have 7 hours left before they have to be at the airport. Vanraj hopes that Anupama won’t be stopped by anything. CA’s health gets worse. Anuj asks Pakhi if they should call Anupama.

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