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Anupama 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Vanraj tells Anupama that life will often put her in hard situations, but that she shouldn’t give up no matter what. Anupama agrees with him that life will put her in hard situations over and over again, but she won’t fail. She says it’s hard to leave her husband and daughter in this situation, but it’s harder to give up, so she’ll go to America no matter what. Anuj smiles when he hears them talk. Vanraj says that she made the right choice and should leave.

Gurumaa is excited to see Anupama. Nakul tells her that Maaya was killed in a car crash. Gurumaa prays for Maaya’s soul to be at peace. Nakul tells Kapadias that a funeral service for Maaya has been set up for today. Gurumaa says they will go, but she won’t let Anupama miss the trip to the US.

When Little Anu/CA doesn’t open her room door, Anuj freaks out and tells Anupama. Everyone moves quickly to CA’s room. Anuj and Vanraj break the door open. They find CA sleeping while holding a picture of Maaya and muttering “maa.”

Anupama gets upset, lies down next to her, and tells her that her mother is with her babli. CA gives her a hug and tells her that she thought she’d never see her again, that she shouldn’t leave her again, that she’s sorry for getting mad at her for hurting mom, etc. Anupama cries.

When CA wakes up, he wonders where Maaya maa is. She calls Maaya and asks Anuj to call mom because she wants to apologize to her. Anuj tries to make her calm down, but she doesn’t listen. Gurumaa goes to a funeral wake with Nakul and asks a friend where the family is.

Guest says that they are in CA’s room and trying to make her feel better. Gurumaa tells them to go there. Nakul asks if going there would be a good idea. CA continues to call for Maaya. Anuj says that Maaya is gone for good and won’t ever come back. CA gives Anupama a hug and asks her if she will also leave. Gurumaa is aware of that. Nakul says that they shouldn’t have gone to that place.

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After giving CA comfort, his family walks down. Anupama notices Gurumaa. Gurumaa says that they heard about Maaya and came to meet them because of it. She tells Anupama that she needs to leave for the US in a day and asks if she can do it.

Anupama says that she won’t back down, no matter what. She thinks back to CA’s request for her mother. Gurumaa asks Vanraj to make sure that Anupama will get to the airport on time. Anuj says that CA will stop acting crazy in a few days. Gurumaa asks Anupama if Vanraj’s words will come true or not.

Anupama tells her that she will see her at the airport in a day. Back at Gurukul, Nakul tells Gurumaa that he has bought tickets to the United States. Gurumaa says she can think about Anupama and knows how she is feeling right now. Nakul says that he is sure Anupama will do what she said she would do. Gurumaa says that if Anupama doesn’t, she has already seen her Natraj image and will then see her anger avatar.

The Shahs try to feed CA, but she won’t eat and wants to meet Maaya instead. Anupama feels bad when she says that Maaya died because of her, and she worries about what CA will think when she finds out. Anuj says that only they know about it and that no one else will. It’s sad that Maaya died trying to save them, but Maaya shouldn’t blame herself for it.

Instead, she should forget about it and focus on her goal. Anupama wants to know what’s wrong if other people know. Anuj tells her that he doesn’t want her to feel guilty and promises to never think about it again. He tells her that he will take care of CA and wants her to focus on going to the USA. Barkha hears them talking even though she is hiding.

Anupama has a bad dream about Maaya’s crash and how CA reacted to it. Barkha asks Anuj why Anupama is acting like she is to blame for Maaya’s death. Anuj says he doesn’t want CA to find out about it and think badly of Anupama because of it. CA falls down when he hears that. Anuj runs in her direction.

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