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Anupama 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 7th August 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Kavya says she’s sorry to her baby and that her mom made a mistake, so her dad got mad at the baby instead. She says that it’s normal for adults to make mistakes and for children to have to pay for them. She asks them not to be angry with mom because she’s fighting for them, and to not be angry with papa V either. Anupama tries to make Barkha feel better and tells her she hasn’t eaten since yesterday. Barkha says that she is the only one who can’t settle.

She says it’s hard enough to deal with her own kids, let alone other people’s, and that she hates Romil and can’t stand him being around her. Anupama tells her to throw the pillows and other things around to get rid of her anger. Barkha scatters pillows.

Anupama says that she and Anuj worry about her. Barkha says that Ankush always hits her where it hurts the most. He said he wouldn’t bring his son from another woman into their lives, but now he’s here.

She says that when Anupama left Vanraj, her whole family was behind her, but she has no one to back her up. She hurts her leg when she falls and hits it on a couch.

Barkha’s head is on Anupama’s lap as she tries to comfort her. She says that they shouldn’t punish a child for the mistakes of his parents. She then talks about how Romil must have been teased about his parents since he was a child, and she asks Barkha if she will forgive herself if Romil hurts himself because of mental pressure.

She says to do everything on time and let time do what it wants to do. Barkha says she will agree to her idea, but she will never agree to Romil. Anupama thinks the way ahead will be hard.

The Shahs leave their house after hearing a car horn. Dimpy and Samar get out of the car, and the driver asks them what they think of their new hybrid car. Family can’t say anything. Samar asks them if they don’t like their success.

Vanraj asks if they got a favor from MD, who is Anupama’s enemy, because this car is worth at least 10–12 lakhs. Dimpy said that they did it on EMI.

Hasmukh says it’s hard for them to pay for the house, so how will they pay EMI? Dimpy says in a rude way that they’ll pay the EMI and that their family shouldn’t worry. Toshu tells them that since they did something nice for Anupama’s enemy MD, she will use that against them. Samar says that even Toshu did something nice for Rakhi and stayed in her penthouse.

Toshu says he was stupid, but they don’t think he’s right. Kinjal says that the whole family didn’t like what Toshu did, and he asks Dimpy not to get between his brothers. There is a fight. Dimpy says that Toshu is jealous of Samar’s success because he is currently out of work.

Toshu tells her to stop talking and tells Samar to stop his wife from talking. Samar says that Dimpy always tells the truth, which hurts the Shahs. He used to feel uneasy and jealous, just like Toshu does now.

Vanraj hits him hard and tells him not to insult his brother again. He tells Samar and Dimpy that they need to say sorry to their older brother. Both of them stand firm.

Anupama talks Barkha into eating lunch, and then she takes her to the dining hall. She feeds her family. Romil says, “I already ordered food,” and then he asks his “father” to pay the bill and bring the food to his room.

He then leaves. Barkha can’t stand how cocky he is. Anuj says that he agrees Romil is a kid, but he can’t stand how he treats Anupama. Ankush says that he will say sorry for Romil.

MD tries to make friends with CA. Anupama tells her she’s sorry for what she did wrong and tells her not to dare upset a mother.

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