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Anupama 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

During the meeting to show sympathy for Maaya, Anupama talks about what happened before Maaya’s accident. She looks at the god’s idol that Maaya gave back to her. Anuj takes her hand and makes her feel better. Barkha says that this came out of nowhere and is a shock.

Ankush says that no one knows how much time they have left. Barkha isn’t sure if Anuj caused Maaya’s accident because he was tired of her drama and wanted to get rid of her.

Even Ankush wants to get rid of Barkha, says Ankush. Barkha tells him to stop and think before he speaks. Ankush says he has the same thing to tell her. Leela says at the Shah house that Anuj should have put Maaya in a mental hospital.

Dimpy thinks that most people would say things like “Rest in peace” or “Sorry for your loss,” but this family just talks about it. Kinjal feels sorry for Little Anu. Toshu tells Anuj and Anupama that he is worried about them. Leela says that she doesn’t think Anupama can go to America this time because she has to take care of Little Anu.

Vanraj says that this time, they should make sure that nothing stands in the way of her getting to America. Kavya says that she will look after Anu. Kinjal says that Little Anu will be happy with Pari and Meenu. Dimpy thinks they can’t take care of themselves or their own kids, so they want to take care of other people’s kids.

Dimpy says that they are going to be late for the shok sabha meeting. Samar says that there isn’t enough room for the whole family in the car, so he and Dimpy will ride bikes. Family goes away. Dimpy asks Samar why it’s just them who have to ride a bike in the rain.

Samar asks, “Isn’t it raining?” Dimpy asks her why she should put up with the sun and bad weather, which will ruin her makeup and hair.

Samar tells her that she can go with the family and that he and Toshu will ride a bike there. Dimpy says that’s not necessary and starts a fight with Samar, who is making herself the target and making Shahs look bad. Samar is angry because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

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Dimpy keeps being mean to everyone in the family, especially Anupama. She says that Anupama probably won’t go to America in this situation. Samar says Anupama will go to America at any cost. Dimpy whispers that she’s sure Anupama won’t go and that Shahs are wrong.

Anuj is lost in his thoughts as he fills a glass with water. He gets his water from Anupama. Anuj says that he was angry at Maaya just like everyone else, but he never had bad thoughts about her.

Anupama says they can’t think bad thoughts about anyone, not even their daughter’s mother, even in their dreams. Anuj says that Maaya died in an accident like his parents did. Maaya had apologised and changed, and their lives were getting back on track when this happened.

Anupama says that she is to blame for Maaya’s accident and that she is the reason why Little Anu/CA lost her mother. Anuj says that it is not her fault. Anupama says that Maaya wouldn’t have fallen under the truck if she had been careful when crossing the road.

Anuj says that it’s all a lie and that people leave when their time is up. Anupama tells him “I’m sorry” and gives him a hug.

The Shahs go to the Kapadia house and join the meeting of condolences. Pakhi cries holding Vanraj. Vanraj asks her how she is. She gives a nod. Pakhi says that no one could make Little Anu feel better except for Anupama.

Barkha says that because Little Anu lost one mother and her other mother is going to move to the United States, she will never know the love of a mother. When Anupama hears that, she gets upset and moves away.

Vanraj gives her some water and asks Anupama what she will do now since she is leaving for the US in two days. Anupama remembers that she told Little Anu she’d be there for her whenever she needed her. She says that her mind hasn’t changed.

Vanraj asks what is going on with Little Anu. Anupama says she doesn’t know what to do and that she will go check on Little Anu. She stops when Vanraj calls her. He says that she shouldn’t stop going to the US, just like she did now.

Recap, Anu cries for Maaya. Anuj says Maaya can’t come back now. Gurumaa is asked what will happen if Anupama can’t move to America.

Gurumaa says that Anupama saw her in her Natraj form and will then see her in her raudra or angry form. Anupama asks Little Anu how she will feel when she learns that her mother died because of her mom. Anuj, they are the only ones who know about it. Barkha can hear what they say.

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