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Anupama 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 4 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Anupama is worried about Maaya and is trying to calm her down because she thinks she wanted to kill her. She thinks that Anupama took her daughter from a shelter and gave her a home and family, and that Anupama still wants the best for her. She has always cursed Anupama, and Anupama has always blessed her.

She should be ashamed of herself, and there can’t be anyone worse than her. Anupama tells her that anger hurts people and doesn’t get her anything. Ganapati bappa will help her if she changes. She will call Little Anu instead of Maaya, and if she finds out that Maaya is getting angry, she will go back to Anuj’s life. Life is very precious and there is no guarantee of it.

She met her to try to get her out of her fear before leaving. She should live peacefully and take care of Little An She gives Maaya a hug and tells her to take care of herself before she goes.

Kinjal gives Kavya milk with turmeric in it. Kavya says she can’t take it anymore and makes funny faces. Kinjal says that she, too, used to make funny faces, but her mother would scold her and give her milk. Dimpy tells Kinjal that she should have told her to make something for Maaya.

Kinjal says its okay. Dimpy says that people will think new DIL is useless if only Kinjal works. Kinjal tells her not to make a big deal out of something small and walks away. Kavya also says same, irking Dimpy.

Samar tells his family that Pakhi won’t answer the phone and that they don’t know what’s going on at the Kapadia house. She goes back to the living room. Little Anu comes to her crying and says that she heard Anupama and Maaya talking and that she is sorry that Anupama had to deal with Maaya’s anger because of her.

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Anupama calms her and tells her that Maaya is sick and acting strangely because of it. It is Little Anu’s job to stay with her mother and take care of her, she says. Little Anu gives her a promise. Anupama pampers her.

Adhik tells Samar everything is fine there in a message. Samar tells his family the same thing and adds that Adhik doesn’t know what went on between Anupama and Maaya. Leela says it’s fine, and she’ll talk to Anupama in a little while.

Samar says he will go and bring Kavya’s things. Dimpy says that they should go to dance school. Samar tells her she can go, and he’ll catch up with her later. Family breaks up. Dimpy yells at Samar that they had to go on a coffee date after they went to dance school, but he wants to be a coolie.

Samar says that there is nothing wrong with helping family and that Vanraj is too old to lift weights. Dimpy explains why he is the only one who has to pay the bills and do all the work for the family while Toshu just lounges around and follows his wife and child.

Kinjal listens to them talk and then storms off, angry. Samar gets mad at Dimpy and tells her that everything in this house belongs to everyone and that they all have to take care of it. He says Dimpy should understand this as soon as possible. Leela looks worried as she hears them.

Little Anu says she will miss Anupama. Anupama tells her that she will see her often and that she can see her whenever she wants. She tells her to look after Maaya. Little Anu goes to Maaya and tells her that she has been mean to Anupama.

She says that Anupama loved her so much that she left her and her father for her; that Maaya left her in a shelter, but Anupama brought her home and gave her a family; that her father is in pain because of her; that Maaya took advantage of her mother’s kindness by separating her from her parents and destroying their family, etc. She leaves and tells her that she hates her.

Maaya remembers everything that happened and breaks down. She remembers what Anupama told her about making a change before it’s too late.

Maaya tells Anupama she’s sorry for her mistakes and then starts coughing. Anupama gets her some water. Maaya sees a fast truck heading for Anupama. She saves Anupama, but she herself gets hit by the truck.

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