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Anupama 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 3rd July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Maaya looks at the car keys and thinks that Anupama has given her no other choice but to get rid of her and Anuj for good. Anupama tells Kanta that she wants to be alone for a while as they walk down the street. Kanta tells her not to worry about Maaya because she is crazy.

Bhavesh says that Maaya should be in a hospital if she is mentally sick. Anupama says she doesn’t want to talk about it and asks for some time alone. Maaya drives her car towards Anupama and thinks that Anupama is acting like a victim even though she is the one who has been hurt by Anupama. She drives fast towards Anupama and hits her with the car. She comes to herself and realises that it was all in her head. She is upset and breaks things as she walks to her room. Anupama enters her room.

Ankush asks Anuj why he didn’t stop Anupama from going into Maaya’s room, and he also asks Kanta why she brought Anupama back to this place. Kanta says Anupama didn’t listen to her. Anuj says that Anupama was very determined to talk to Maaya and told everyone not to bother her until she came out. Barkha says in a low voice that she’s had enough of all this drama. Adhik says even he is. Barkha wants to know where his wife is. She must be crying in her room, says Adhik. Barkha tells him to go to her and make her calm down. Adhik refuses.

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Anupama cleans Maaya’s room. Maaya yells, “Why did she come here if she doesn’t like anyone? She should just leave! Maaya calms down. Anuj says that he can’t wait any longer and is going to see how Anupama is doing. Bhavesh stops him and says that Anupama must have thought well if she went to talk to Maaya.

Kinjal tells Shahs that Pakhi can’t stop crying and that Anupama has gone to talk to Maaya. The Shahs show that they care about Anupama. Dimpy wonders how Kinjal can always be so calm. She was supposed to go to dance school and then somewhere with Samar, but Anupama’s never-ending trouble got in the way.

She can’t think about herself until Anupama goes to America. Vanraj thinks that Anupama shouldn’t have gone back there after Maaya threw her things out and made her feel bad.

Leela hopes Maaya doesn’t hurt Anupama anymore. Anupama tells Maaya that anger in the mind and fire on the palm both burn. She also says that she and Anuj are not working together, that they love each other, and that they will stay together freely whenever they want to. Since they are husband and wife, it is their right to stay together and no one can stop them.

She says she didn’t know that Anuj was also going to America, that Anuj belongs to him for seven lives and no one can take him away from her, that she gave up her right to be alone for her daughter, little Anu, that she gave up her love but didn’t stop loving, and that a mother will do anything for her child.

She goes on to say that Anuj was put through three emotional ordeals, including losing both of his parents, having Mukku get married to the wrong person, separating from her, tolerating Maaya’s nonsense, and, most importantly, being held accountable by everyone. There is a limit to tolerance, and once he breaks down, he won’t be normal again. She let Maaya carry out her drama for the sake of her daughter.

She goes on to say that Little Anu is suffering as a result of her biological mother, that Little Anu prayed to God for parents and that when she finally had one, she was so terrified of her that she didn’t want to be around her, etc., etc., etc., until she finally says that Maaya needs to handle the situation before it’s too late. Maaya recollects how frightened Little Anu appeared.

Maaya tells Anupama she’s sorry for her mistakes and then starts coughing. Anupama gets her some water. Maaya sees a fast truck heading for Anupama. She saves Anupama, but she herself gets hit by the truck.

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