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Anupama 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Anupama is surprised when the Shahs bring her a feast. Kavya says that Leela made her all of her favourite foods. Leela says that Anupama always took care of everyone’s needs and made sure they had their favourite food, but she never had her favourite food and always had leftovers. She never even asked Anupama what her favourite food was until she was pregnant.

Leela says this will make her feel guilty for the rest of her life. Anupama gets food from her hand. Kanta starts to cry and says that she always had something bad to say about Leela, but that she prays every day that Leela’s family will always be happy. Anupama also eats food that Kanta gives her. Anupama says she is full and doesn’t have room for anything, not even a breath mint. She thanks them all for giving her the best treat she’s ever had.

Kinjal tells her that there is one more treat for her and blindfolds her as he leads her to the living room.

Anuj is excited for Anupama to come over and always has gifts ready for her. Once he steps back, Maaya checks the gifts and has a nervous breakdown because she imagines Anuj giving gifts to Anupama while they both laugh at her. Kinjal and Leela make Anupama sit on a royal chair in front of a stage and tell her to wait for a treat. Samar is the show’s host.

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Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhairivi plays Anupama as a child who is full of dreams. Pakhi plays a girl named Anupama who loves to cook. A song called “Hawaii, Hawaii” plays in the background. When Anupama is in her first year of college, Vanraj asks her to marry him, and she says yes. Kinjal enacts as married Anupama.

Leela talks about how she made her take care of the whole house while she sat on a swing and did nothing. Vanraj says that he bothered Anupama a lot and didn’t give her as much as she earned. After Toshu was born, Anupama had a chance to go to the United States, but they stopped her in a clever way. Kavya acts out how Leela, Vanraj, Pakhi, and Toshu used to make Anupama feel bad about herself.

Anupama feels sad when she sees it. Vanraj tells her not to get too close because she smells like masalas. When his affair with Kavya outside of his marriage comes to light, she leaves him and breaks Shah’s heart by leaving.

Samar plays the role of Anuj, who proposes to and married Anupama. Leela talks about how even after she left their house, the Shah family never let her live in peace. Kinjal tells how Anupama got a chance to go back to the United States and flew away. Play is over. Anupama thanks Shahs very much for the gift. Leela says that Anupama was her MIL’s choice, so she never accepted Leela as a DIL and always gave her a hard time with Vanraj.

Despite this, Anupama is going to America to live her dream, even though Leela and Vanraj did bad things to her. She apologises to Anupama for all the bad things she did to her and to Kanta and Bhavesh for always being rude to them. Vanraj tells Kanta and Anupama that he is sorry for not being a good SIL and a good husband, respectively.

He tells Anupama to keep going no matter what and follow her dreams. Anupama says that they all cared so much about her and brought back so many memories that she is grateful to them.

Precap: Vanraj sings a song for Anupama. Anupama says goodbye to Shahs in a sad way. Dimpy tries to get Adhik to fight with Pakhi. She says that once Anupama goes to America, she will teach Pakhi a good lesson.

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