Anupama Written Update

Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Anupama for June 27, 2023, available at Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

The Shahs fix up their house for Anupama’s big going-away party. Leela missed Hasmukh. Kinjal says that they will call Hasmukh by video call. Leela says it’s better to be there in person. Dolly makes fun of Leela by saying she wants to dance with Hasmukh. Leela says that Hasmukh would have praised Anupama before she went to America because Anupama thinks of him as more than just her father.

Even though she couldn’t be Anupama’s mother, Hasmukh always did what a father should do. Samar jokes that Leela only knows how to tease her DIL, not how to love her. Adhik and Pakhi are going to the house of Shah. When Pakhi saw that he was frowning, he told him not to frown at the party. He asks whether she wants to dance. She says he should talk to Anupama about how tense things are between them, but he shouldn’t.

Kavya sees Shahs. Leela tells her to go to sleep. Kavya tells her to work and says that at least she can wrap gifts. The whole family agrees. Leela asks her if she would like milk or juice. Kavya says she will do it herself. Leela tells her not to work too hard and to move back to the Shah house so she can take care of her. Kavya’s whole family is adamant.

Kavya says that they will talk about it in the future. Anuj finds out that Anupama has already gone to Shah’s house and can’t wait for the evening to come. He asks Ankush for advice on how to change 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. because he can’t wait to see Anupama. Ankush tells him to wait and do what he does best. Anuj agrees with him. Ankush tells him to go to the house of Shah. Anuj says that he can go everywhere except there. Ankush asks if Anupama should stay behind.

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Anuj tells her that he wants her to fly away and do what she wants to do. Barkha hears them talking and thinks it’s a good idea. Anuj doesn’t want to hold Anupama because if she leaves, all of her worries will go away.

Anupama moves excitedly in the direction of Shah House and arrives there. She believes that Bhavesh and Kanta arrived before her to join the Shahs and surprise her with their departure.
Shahs welcome Anupama in a grand way. Bhavesh says Leela changed at least now. Anupama emotionally talks about the bonding and love she shares with Shah family and how much she respects them. Kanta says she has changed now though.

Anupama continues her speech. Kanta thinks Leela will never change. Maaya feels anxious seeing his excitement. Anupama’s speech continues. She then performs god’s aarti.

Anupama then dances with family on Jhumere Gori.. song.. Family then serves her a feast. She feels more happy seeing that.

Anupama receives nourishment from Leela in the form of her hand. Anupama says Leela’s small effort gave her big happiness. Kinjal and Bhairavi enact Anupama. Anuj eagerly waits for Anupama. Maaya believes that in order to permanently solve this issue, she needs to take action.

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