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Anupama 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Episode 26th June 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Anupama Written Update

Barkha teases Pakhi. She says that people get excited when they see the first mangoes of the season, but when the same mangoes have been sitting in the fridge for two months, no one looks at them. She says that Pakhi’s apology is worthless, just like those mangoes.

Adhik used to value her apology before, but he doesn’t now. Her mother says that a relationship without love is worthless, so she doesn’t respect Adhik and he doesn’t love her anymore. Pakhi says that she is right, that a lot of mangoes are worthless, just like her rude words. She used to listen to what Barkha said, but now she doesn’t.

She says, “Anyway, let’s focus on Anupama’s going-away plans.” Barkha says that she’s not going to do anything. Pakhi tells Anuj that she will tell him the same thing. Barkha gets nervous.

Anuj and Anupama feel sad when they have to say goodbye. Anuj doesn’t want to go back home, but he has to. Anupama says she doesn’t want to let him go, but she has to. Anuj says he is happy and sad about her going away party. Anupama says same here. Anuj asks what’s wrong with her foot. Anupama says that a plant paste will help it get better. Anuj gets up and looks at her. He is told to be careful by Anupama.

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Anuj says he will watch her and fill a memory bank with what he sees, then he walks away while still looking at her. In the background, the song’s main track plays. Anuj returns home. Maaya asks him if he went to the office. Anuj says yes. She asks if she can make lunch for him. He says no, gets a call from the office staff, and asks to set up a meeting after lunch.

Maaya thinks she was worrying about nothing. She gets scared when she sees a bindi on Anuj’s shirt. She remembers Anuj laughing at her, Anupama joining him, and the two of them talking about how Anupama will move to America with Anuj and Little Anu and Maaya will move to a mental health centre. She yells “No!” and drinks water. She thinks that no matter what happens, she shouldn’t lose control. If Anupama doesn’t go to America, she has to think of something else.

Leela works hard to make a meal for Anupama. Kinjal joins her. Leela feels sad and says that she never respected Anupama until she was her daughter-in-law, and she never let her cook the food she wanted.

The only time she took care of Anupama was when she was pregnant. She always treated Anupama badly, but Anupama never stopped respecting her. Soon, Anupama will leave Leela. Kinjal also starts to cry and says that they should focus on making Anupama’s last day memorable. Dimpy comes in and asks her what she should cook. Kinjal says that you should make Anupama something special. Dimpy says she will make the cake that Anupama likes best.

She says she’s sorry to Leela and suggests that they make Anupama’s last day special. Leela smiles and says, “Okay.” Dimpy grins.

Anuj is in bed and looks at pictures of his and Anupama’s wedding. In the background, the Tanhayiii.. song is playing. He leaves the room to see how things are going. When Maaya walks in, she sees Anuj and Anupama together and gets angry. She starts tearing up pictures and tries to figure out how to stop. Anupama asks Kanta how her dress looks.

Kanta says good. Anupama gets Leela’s message. Kanta asks if it’s from Leela, since she told her many times to go to the party with Bhavesh. Anupama says Leela is good. Leela says that she knows exactly what Leela is, that she hasn’t let Anupama stay at her mother’s house for a single day in 26 years, that she was angry when Anupama adopted Little Anu but is jumping for joy about Kavya’s pregnancy, etc.

Anupama tells her to stop because Leela is also sad about leaving and is doing her best to make her going-away party special. She says that everyone loves her a lot. Kanta agrees with her. She asks with worry why there needs to be another party at Anuj’s house if Leela is having a party. Anupama says that Pakhi called and asked to come to the party, since it’s at her and Anuj’s place. Kanta says Maaya will make a drama.

Anupama tells her not to worry about it and says that she is leaving in four days and wants to enjoy every moment. Kanta gets upset. Anupama tells her that she shouldn’t worry because everything will be fine.

Recap, the Shahs throw a big party for Anupama’s goodbye. Anuj is excited to see Anupama. Maaya feels like she needs to do something to solve this problem for good.

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