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Anupama 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Update

When Gurumaa unintentionally drops a light stand, she reprimands her students. It’s simple to live with hatred, but not favor of an enemy, Nakul asks Anupama, so why didn’t she get on him. They are not adversaries, according to Anupama; anything he did was motivated by fear. She claims he has known gurumaa since he was a young boy and is similar to her son; she stood in between them, and he was afraid she would take his mother away from her.

Nakul claims that he believed that Amma loved him and no one else, but she interfered and, within a month, succeeded Amma, leaving him feeling uneasy. Anupama queries what would have happened if she had sustained a significant injury and responds that he should have relied on his guru’s wisdom instead; he degraded dancing and as a result, Lord Natraj would punish him.

She recalls his assistance when she first came to the gurukul. He apologizes yet again. She invites him to be her chariot and claims she needs his assistance in managing the gurukul. Nakul concurs. Anupama gives him praise. Nakul claims that he has now understood why Amma picked her over him—she is removed from hatred.

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Anupama 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update

He rubs her feet and declares that going forward, Gurumaa will be his dance teacher and Anupama will be his life coach. He assists her in settling down on the sofa. Bringing a first-aid kit, Gurumaa worries that if Anupama’s feet don’t cure by the event.

While Barkha, Maaya, and Dimpy are engaged in conversation and laughter, Pakhi approaches them and apologizes. Dimpy makes fun of her for picking up a new term. Even she should study it, says Pakhi. She apologizes to Barkha and adds that her mother had informed her that one could start over at any time.

She promises to make changes in order to become a better DIL and expresses her hope that other people and Dimpy will also learn from their errors and treat their in-laws nicely. She is heard by Anuj, who remarks that her desire to change is admirable. Pakhi claims she needs something from him and will attempt to act like her mother as Anuj had wished.

What does she need? Anuj queries.Pakhi claims she wants her mother back in his home because she is supposed to have a place of her own whenever she travels to India from the United States.

Anuj promises to do as she says and bring her right away. Maaya shudders when she realizes it was all in her head. Anupama asks for a send-off celebration. Maaya feels that Anupama must be tolerated for a while longer and that she deserves a proper send-off.

Barkha is delighted that Anupama is leaving, but she believes that Anuj and Anupama’s drama of regret and poetry will begin soon. She is OK, Ankush inquires. No, Barkha replies. She cautions Maaya inaudibly to cease acting foolishly because everyone knows that she despises Anupama.

Pakhi promises to tell Anupama by phone. Anupama first doesn’t answer the phone before calling back. Anuj becomes uneasy when she is on a video call. Anupama inquires about her wants. Will she attend the farewell party at the Kapadia mansion, according to Pakhi.

In his head, Anuj asks her to come. In her head, Anupama declares her desire to do so, but what about Maaya? She is urged to give Anuj some thought. Anupama thinks back to Maaya’s drama. Anuj reads a poem asking her to stop by her house just once before leaving. Anupama concurs.

Pakhi sends out texts announcing parties at the homes of Kapadia and Shah on the same day, respectively. Anupama aches as she attempts to rise up. She feels that she should put the matter out of her mind and use Kanta’s herbal paste to recover quickly.

It’s a severe wound that won’t heal quickly, Gurumaa explains as she approaches her, so she should rest tomorrow and let others do the work. Anupama declares that she will go tomorrow with certainty and then leaves while writhing in agony and muttering that she has never conceded defeat before and she never will, vowing to realize her dream at all costs.

Precap: Anupama trips after being bumped. While holding her, Anuj discovers her wound. Pakhi is also planning a departure party for Anupama, according to Kinjal, who notifies the family. Leela claims that Pakhi has lost her senses, which is why she called Anupama to ask about Maaya’s mental state. Maaya appears irritated. Anupama is lifted by Anuj as they move while being showered in flowers.

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