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Anupama 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Update

Toshu tells the Shah family that he, Kinjal, and Pari should leave the residence. Why does he think that, Anupama queries. Toshu claims that given yesterday’s conflicts, he does not believe the problem will be resolved any time soon, and the battles will continue.

He also claims that he is unable to tolerate Dimpy’s attitude and Samar’s wife’s joru ka ghulam/slave mentality. Leela claims that Samar had no issues with Toshu back when he first started doing dramas. Toshu claims that Dimpy has now arrived. Kinjal advises him to ponder things out before speaking. Toshu asserts that he does not desire for his daughter to grow up under such circumstances.

His tongue might have been shut with a slap, Anupama claims, adding that he previously left the house when his MIL gave him a penthouse and a job, but that he can no longer do either because he cannot pay for himself and his family’s expenditures.

Toshu claims she had advised him to change at the time. Anupama advises him to consult Kinjal before making a decision and to find out whether or not she wants to go. Kinjal claims he has the option to move, but she won’t leave her family. Kinja goes away after Toshu.

After taking her counsel from yesterday, Leela informs Anupama that she believes living apart will be best for their peace of mind. Anupama claims that although it is in children’s nature to act stubbornly, it is their responsibility to regulate them because they are not mature enough to remain apart. Vanraj affirms Anupama’s accuracy. Anupama claims to be bringing two laddus.

When she departs for America, Leela promises to make laddu for her and inquires as to whether she’ll forget about her once she moves to the USA. Never, Anupama promises, and she’ll video call her. She must leave right away, warns Leela, or Malti Devi will reprimand her. Anupama adjourns. Vanraj is asked by Leela if he shares her fear. Vanraj affirms and believes that only Anupama is capable of managing this house.

For the paghphera rite, Dimpy arrives at the Kapadia home with Pakhi. Anuj congratulates Barkha after she completes her aarti. Gurumaa becomes agitated when she thinks back to Maaya’s drama at Anupama’s coronation ceremony. Her blood pressure is elevated, so Nakul tells her to relax and take a nap.

Gurumaa claims that she cannot do this because she has named Anupama as her successor, invested her money and renown in her, and if something goes wrong, all of her hard work and respect will be for nothing. Anupama is a talented dancer, but she is also a mother, and she can’t devote all of her time to the academy. Nakul argues that since he has been working for Gurumaa since he was young, he should be given a chance.

According to Gurumaa, running a gurukul entails immense responsibility and juggling hundreds of jobs at once. While maintaining a professional connection with her other students, Anupama is clearly Gurumaa’s favorite, according to Nakul, who claims that this is the reason why Gurumaa attended Anupama’s son’s wedding.

Anupama is only a good student, according to Guruma. Nakul urges her once more to give him a chance, let him compete against Anupama in today’s grand rehearsals, and allow him to show that he is capable of succeeding her.

Anuj offers Dimpy halwa and claims to have made it just as Anupama had instructed her. Pakhi is asked if she wants to stay right now. Pakhi nods in agreement and inquires about Little Anu. Anuj claims to have attended an arts lesson. Dimpy claims that she has a sense of being in her parents’ home. Samar presents Barkha with Leela’s freshly made desi ghee laddu. Nobody here has ghee, according to Barkha.

Ankush responds that he will, but advises Samar to remain with Dimpy if he chooses to do so because it is challenging to remain single after marriage and cites Anuj as an example. Maaya is envious after hearing it. When asked if Adhik is upset, Pakhi hands him his watch. Who is absent at Adhik’s own brother’s wedding? Pakhi teases Maaya and Dimpy by saying she will because it is her genuine sasural and not one that was coerced.

Anuj claims that because she is a daughter of this family as well, she may act as Anupama’s substitute in this situation. Pakhi promises to do her best to act as Anupama’s shadow.
Barkha cautions Maaya that she is losing control of Anuj and that her emotional blackmail is failing, and that if she doesn’t return Anuj to Mumbai soon, Anupama would take him away once more.

While Kinjal is busy caring for Pari, Vanraj assists her with her office tasks and inquires as to how things is going. She claims that Toshu had a headache and Pari had a cough. Vanraj claims he is referring to her since he is aware of how frequently she places her hopes in Toshu just for those hopes to be dashed. He advises her to consider Anupama’s advice.

Kinjal claims that she wants to but is unable to live apart from her family. They discuss approaching their problems in a healthy way. Finally, Kinjal says she wants to talk to him and Leela about something. Nakul tells Anupama that they are engaged in a friendly competition. He fills a vase with glass fragments with the intention of hurting Anupama during a competition and damaging her reputation.

Anupama suffers an injury during a competition as a result of Nakul’s evil scheme. Gurumaa asks Nakul to show her the CCTV footage and wonders where the glass fragments are coming from. Nakul becomes anxious.

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