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Anupama 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama Written Update

Anupama takes Leela back home. Maaya worries about what she can do to make Anuj feel better. She thinks about sending him an apology card, making him halwa or cake, etc. Anuj gets angry when he gets home. Maaya thinks that Anuj must have met Anupama and made plans to get rid of her, so she needs to do something. Anupama starts her speech, which is 100 pages long.

She also says that everyone makes mistakes and that a family works well when adults love children and children respect elders. If they don’t, the family falls apart. She says that older people should realise that this is the age of instant noodles, instant choices, and instant gratification, and that they should talk to children in a sensible way. She also says that younger people should respect older people.

She says that she knows Leela would have talked a lot and that even children would have insulted her because they come from a time when children are taught that their parents are gods and she won’t let anyone disrespect her gods, etc.

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She continues her moral speech by saying that Leela’s house is hers and she won’t leave. If Samar and Dimpy can’t respect their parents, they should move to a rented house nearby. She doesn’t want daily problems at home and wants peace.

She continues her speech by saying that Hasmukh and Leela worked hard to build this house. Leela still works in the kitchen and takes care of her family, even though she is old. She took care of her children, then her grandchildren, and now she needs a break.

Samar and Dimpy are young, so it’s their turn to work hard and build their own world. She keeps giving them a hard time because they are trying to get by on the hard work of their parents.

She tells kids to think about what they want from life. She gives Toshu a tongue lashing for being lazy and not looking for work. She says that Vanraj saved for the kids’ school fees before they were born, but Toshu didn’t even care about Pari.

She then tells Pakhi to stop meddling in other people’s lives and focus on her husband and married life. She then tells Toshu and Kinjal to decide what they want from their marriage and whether they want to stay together or move on, etc. She tells Vanraj that this kind of thing shouldn’t happen at home. She tells Leela to keep her pride and not fight with kids. She finally asks Samar and Dimpy to move as soon as possible to a new house.

Samar says that he will look for a house the next day. She says that Leela owns this house and that they should ask her how long they can stay there. She tells Shahs that she has so many problems in her own life that she can’t solve their problems for them. Instead, she says, they should solve their own problems. Leela takes note of that.

Anuj thinks that Anupama will leave for America in only 5 days. Nakul asks Malti Devi to make him and Anupama fight it out. Malti Devi praises Anupama’s work. Nakul makes Anupama fall down.

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